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With business premises most often spread over several sites, companies have specific needs for electricity supply. For professionals, subscribing to an offer adapted to their consumption profile can lead to major savings on the electricity bill. You can now Read More about it and come up with the best deal now.

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Find a custom electricity and gas offer by asking for a free quote or by calling one of our specialized advisors. It is possible to be called back for free.

What is a pro electricity supplier for?

The opening of the electricity market for the pros

Following the opening of the electricity market for the pros in 2004, professionals are no longer restricted by the only historical supplier EDF and are now spoiled for choice. Some alternative suppliers have adapted to this very specific demand by offering services dedicated to businesses: attractive rates, quality customer service, online pro space, self-consumption, etc.

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The benefits of liberalizing the electricity market for pros

Unlike regulated tariffs set by the state and marketed only by the historical supplier EDF, alternative suppliers have the option to set their prices freely. Companies can thus benefit from significant reductions compared to EDF’s regulated tariffs. In addition, the energy remains the same in all electricity suppliers pros, because there is only one manager of the distribution network.

What is the role of an electricity supplier dedicated to the pros?

The pro electricity supplier is the link between the electricity producers, the energy distributors and the final consumer private or professional. The supplier buys electricity from the producer in order to distribute it to companies via the main electricity grid operator. In order to simplify the process for the end customer or the company, the latter is usually only in direct contact with the electricity supplier.

Compare pro suppliers based on KWh price

For large electricity consumers, choosing a pro supplier based on the kilowatt-hour electricity rate is essential. It is recommended that companies carefully compare the prices charged by professional electricity providers, whether for the price of KWh or the price of the subscription.

Two types of tariffs are marketed by the electricity suppliers’ pros regulated tariffs VS market tariffs:

The regulated tariff of EDF: Set once a year by the Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) on the advice of the government, the EDF Blue tariff is marketed only by the historical supplier EDF. Although this tariff is well known, it generally remains much higher than the rates charged by alternative providers.

Market offers: These offers are marketed by alternative electricity suppliers. For this type of offer, the price per kWh of electricity is set freely by the supplier, who may apply reductions of up to 10% compared to the price per kWh of EDF’s Regulated Tariff.

Compare pro suppliers based on indexed price or fixed price offers

Electricity suppliers generally market two types of electricity offer on the market: EDF’s indexed offers and fixed-price offers.

Indexed offers: the alternative suppliers’ pros index their prices directly on the regulated tariff of sale of EDF by applying a certain percentage of reduction on the price of the subscription or on the price per kWh of electricity pro.

Fixed offers: these offers make it possible to avoid excessive increases in electricity prices over the long term with contracts signed over 1 to 4 years.

In order to fight against global warming, developing the energy transition has become an emergency. Many companies are now turning to electricity supplies pros from renewable energy sources green electricity supply.

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