YouTube vanced is important or not?

Youtube Vanced

In the android community, YouTube is the most popular application in today’s world. From that YouTube vanced came and it was a hack version of official YouTube. From this application, users can get more features that are not in the YouTube app in Google Play Store. The features like a dark theme, background running without premium, adblocking, and so on. YouTube vanced will gives lots of things that everyone wants to see while running the application. This application is completely legal and it is used under the laws of all countries. It was an unofficial app of YouTube that comes with enhancement. It is also called iYTBP. The abbreviation of iYTBP is Injected YouTube Background Playback. Master develop the YouTube vanced and he was a senior contributor on XDA forums and it was renamed as vanced.

Why YouTube vanced is important?

Youtube Vanced

The first thing is Youtube Vanced have a lot of features and lots more specification inside the app. It was an updated version of official YouTube application. Features that inside in the vanced are listed below. For publications and creators, the advertisement is one of the important things to shows the product to customers but most people don’t see ads on YouTube. For this trouble, YouTube vanced created a built-in option to controls adblocking. We can change the setting and gets a video without ads. In YouTube premium, users can see videos in the background also and these features are also included in vanced. Most of the phones didn’t allow HDR specification in YouTube application but YouTube vanced can enable it. HDR  will increase video quality and gives a good result. It is a special feature in vanced and it allows the user to see videos in goo resolution but in our device that will normally disabled. Mobiles with taller ratios like iPhone 12 allow the user to zoom on a playing video so that the user can see the videos on the entire device. Vanced will allow this to all phones with any ratio. Users can change the Google icon. If the casting device is nearby at the time user can force it to turn off it. Most of the user loves themes in-app but the official application doesn’t have a dark theme, the default theme is white only. Vanced offers black, dark and some other colours too. User can choose the theme they want. Users have android Oreo version the vanced app has a picture in picture mode as similar to the official YouTube application. If the user doesn’t like recent YouTube videos styles that show while minimizing the video then vanced allow the user to select between new style or old style. To make the video repeated after it’s done that these features will be used. Most of the user choice is a music video, but it is used in all videos. Users can choose video quality and also playback speed. The app will remember user choice and play for every video as similar. As same as YouTube vanced, there are lots of applications having unique features that are not present infamous app still now itself. Those applications will not famous because they didn’t select the play store policy so that it’s not getting famous on the user side.

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