Wipe the dust to keep the place clean…!!!!


Carpet or Rug is used to overlay on the floor or cover the floorings. It looks like a thick layer with a heavy base, & looks so soft and warm to our foot while stand or walking on the carpet. Heavy base on the carpet generally known as padding. Padding is used to avoid damage for the long term. Carpet makes of wool, nylon, polyesters, triexta, olefin, polymers, oasis , synthetic, etc… It is used mainly near on sofa, balcony, entry portion of the house, near to the bed, etc. Normally the carpet makes the house, office, convention center looks beautiful and creates high value.

Significant of carpets:

If carpets maintain properly, it comes for long-lasting. An expertized carpet comes for more than 4years.


Carpets made of wool considered high-quality usage.

  • It gives a luxury look to the home.
  • Maintenance level is high
  • Want to clean often
  • It is made of strong and high-quality material
  • In polyesters color options are available but it fades in the sunlight and it is less durable.
  • Nylon is considered a daily usage carpet.
  • It’s very affordable for everyone
  • Maintenance level is low
  • It is mainly used for pet carpet
  • Olefin and tri ext are commonly like nylon fibers.

How the carpet gets dirty?

Generally, the carpet collects several dust particles. Some of them are:

  • Pet animals & human hair
  • Solid & waste particles
  • Pouring of liquid items
  • Oil stains
  • Small microbes
  • No cleaning for a long time
  • Gathering many people at one time
  • Tiny particles can float on the air but it is invisible to eyes.

Effects of dirt:

  • It creates some health issues like asthma, breathing problems, suffer the kids, and also makes some bad odor.
  • Mostly it makes irritation to the throat, eyes, and nose.
  • Sometimes it creates allergy and affecting cold.

How to clean the carpet?

Clean by steaming:

  • Hot water should be highly pressured in the carpet fibers, it dissolves the settled dust and particles. No chemical should be used, it damages the quality of the carpet. After steaming the carpet should be dry in open space air or dryer.

Dry cleaning method

  • A cleaning powder should be poured or apply at the bottom of the product. After, by using rotating equipment it dissolves the dust particles and removed easily. The equipment’s function with a customized design.

Foaming method

  • Instead of liquid, using shampoo in the form of foam. Using a Rotating brush to apply the foam on all areas on the carpet to remove the dirt.

Bonnet method

In bonnet, the cleaning should be with care because a high moisturized spinning pad machine is used to absorb the waste dirt from the carpet.

  • It cleans only from a particular depth. If it is used in the wrong method, it will damage the carpet.

Some tips:

  • Nowadays many companies available for carpet cleaning professionals.
  • Every week or often the carpet should be clean in a good way
  • Don’t open the window often because it allows the sand dust and pollutant particles.
  • Add some fragrance in the carpet to keep a fresh smell in the surrounding or a particular place.

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