What is mean by Roku?

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Roku is a line of digital media players manufactured through American enterprise roku.com/link enter code Inc. The gadgets provide admission to streaming media content material from diverse online offerings.

Roku streaming players

Original form thing XD/S

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The first Roku model, the Roku DVP N1000, become unveiled on May 20, 2008. It has evolved in partnership with Netflix, to serve as a standalone set-top box for its these days-added “Watch Instantly” carrier. The companies aimed to provide a tool with small shape things that would be sold at a low cost, in preference to larger digital video recorders and video game consoles. The machine featured an NXP PNX8935 video decoder helping both broad and excessive definition codecs up to 720p, HDMI output, and become able to automatic software updates—which includes the addition of recent “channels” for other video offerings.

Roku launched two new models in October 2009, the Roku SD (a cut-down version of the DVP with most straightforward analog AV outputs), and the Roku HD-XR, an up to date model with 802.11n Wi-Fi, and a USB port for destiny capability. The Roku DVP become retroactively renamed the Roku HD. By then, Roku had delivered assist for other offerings, which include Amazon Video and MLB.Tv. The following month, Roku brought a new feature known as the “Channel Store,” wherein customers would be able to download third-birthday party apps for other content services, including the opportunity of private facilities for correct uses of it.

Netflix support was first dependent on a PC, requiring customers to add content to their “Instant Queue” from the service’s web interface before it can be accessed through the Roku. The channel becomes later updated in May 2010, to permit customers to search the Netflix library from the device directly.[9]

inclusive of a brand new HD, the XD (with 1080p assist), and the XDS (with optical audio, twin-band Wi-Fi, and a USB port). The XD and XDS also included a refreshed remote.[11]

Support for the first-technology Roku fashions ended September 2015.[12]

Second technology

A Roku 2 XS

On July 19, 2011, Roku unveiled its second technology of gamers, branded as Roku 2 HD, XD, and XS. All three models protected 802.11n, and also added microSD slots and Bluetooth. The XD and XS aid 1080p, and only the XS model consists of an Ethernet connector and USB port. They additionally aid the “Roku Game Remote”—a Bluetooth far off with motion controller aid for games, that’s bundled with the XS and bought one after the other for other models.[13] The Roku LT became unveiled in October 2011, as an entry-degree model and not using a Bluetooth or microSD guide.[14]

In January 2012, Roku unveiled the Streaming Stick—a brand new model condensed right into a dongle form thing using Mobile High-Definition Link (MHL).[15][16] In October 2012, Roku added a brand new search feature to the second-technology fashions, aggregating content from offerings usable at the device.

Third generation

On March five, 2013, Roku unveiled its 0.33-technology fashions, the Roku 3 and Roku 2. The Roku 3 contained an upgraded CPU over the two XS, and a Wi-Fi Direct faraway with an incorporated headphone jack. The Roku 2 has additionally updated with a faster CPU.

Fourth generation

On October 6, 2015, Roku introduced the Roku 4; the device contained upgraded hardware with support for 4K resolution videos and 802.11ac wi-fi.

Fifth technology

On September 26, 2016, Roku revamped their entire streaming participant line-up with five new fashions (low give up Roku Express, Roku Express+, high-end Roku Premiere, Roku Premiere+, and one of the best Roku Ultra), at the same time as the Streaming Stick (3600) changed into held over from the preceding era (having been released the previous April) as a 6th option. The Roku Premiere+ and Roku Ultra aid HDR video the use of HDR10.

Sixth generation

In October 2017, Roku delivered its 6th era of merchandise. The updates included the discontinuation of the Premiere and Premiere+ models, the advent of the Streaming Stick+ (with a more advantageous Wi-Fi antenna device), in addition to new processors.

Seventh era

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In September 2018, Roku delivered the 7th generation of products. Carrying over from the 2017 sixth-era without any adjustments are the Express (3900), Express+ (3910), Streaming Stick (3800), and Streaming Stick+ (3810). The Ultra is the identical hardware tool from 2017; however, it now comes with JBL top class headphones and is repackaged with the new version wide variety 4661. Roku has resurrected the Premiere and Premiere+ names, but those new fashions endure little resemblance to the 2016 5th-technology Premiere (4620) and Premiere+ (4630) models. The new Premiere (3920) and Premiere+ (3921) are primarily based totally on the Express (3900) version with 4K aid brought.

Eighth technology

On September 19, 2019, Roku introduced the 8th generation of merchandise.

In 2019, Netflix introduced that it’s going to forestall supporting older generations of Roku, together with the Roku HD, HD-XR, SD, XD, and XDS, as well as the NetGear-branded XD and XDS. Roku had warned in 2015 that it’d prevent updating gamers made in May 2011 or earlier, and these antique bins are among them.

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