What exactly is Laser Tag?

laser tag singapore

Laser Tag is a paintball-like shooting game and airsoft. However, the biggest difference between Laser Tag and other sports is that Laser Tag is safe and clean. Not using pellets or balls of paint often ensures that after the play there will be no residue or cleaning involved.

laser tag singapore is a fun sport playable by a person of any age. It is great for corporate retreats, family events, parties, indoor parks, soft fields paintball or air, etc.

When playing for the first time the most important things to understand are the equipment and the rules you have for your play area. Once you have a clear understanding of both, it ‘s important that you can connect with your players with the same ideas. Players who understand these things will get a much better experience of playing than those who don’t.

laser tag singapore

Most modes of laser tag game involve two teams or more. While it’s possible to play effectively and have fun without cooperation (most groups of young kids will just have fun running around and shooting), teams working together toward their target would usually win the match.

  • Help all team players understand the purpose of the game mode they ‘re playing. With game mode, the winning situation also changes. Giving tips and suggestions to players or teams who aren’t sure what to do might be a good idea.
  • The strategies a team will use will also change under various winning conditions. Give players enough time to talk with each other before around. It will allow them to devise a plan on which they will both agree and work together.
  • Put a map of your play area for all the players to see anywhere. Looking at a map can help players to understand where to go, and what to do.
  • Try assigning players or encouraging them to assume different roles. When a player has a particular job or role, they may feel more confident as they play. In Team Elimination, for example, it’s usually a good idea to have players spread out over the play area to make sure that no one can get behind your side. Assign a player to watch enemy players on the sides or to scout out.
  • Seek to get a player who is the team leader. You may also form small groups with members if you have enough teams. This encourages players to listen and work together, instead of playing alone.
  • Walkie talkies are a great way for the teams to communicate and work together if your field is large enough. Having a couple of players on the team focused on relaying information to each other will help your team respond to the enemy.

Notice where the shot hits. Focus on a target and fire. Upon identifying where the shots are being fired, you can then adjust your target to counter it. For example, if you shoot dead center at your target and all your hits are up and left, you can adjust your goal to hit dead center down and right.

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