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Every person wants to live independently even in their old age. If you have wished for that then retirement planning should be the first on your priority list. Actually we are so busy in our daily routine life; it makes us forget to make plans for our retirement. Every person should start planning for their retirement as soon as possible. You should start your retirement plan from the first stage of your earnings. So pensions are very important in the old phase of everyone’s life. In this way your dependent family doesn’t suffer even in your retirement. Holborn Assets will help you achieve this goal of yours.

What is a pension?          

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Normally pension is a fund in which some amount of money is added during a person’s employment years. From that the total amount is given to the person after their retirement from the work, in the form of periodic payments. It will give financial support after your retirement. After your retirement you will get your pension periodically. Now some companies are giving pensions to their employees after their retirement. While working they are cutting money from their salaries to give pensions after their retirement. The companies are considering the years of service in the company, the person’s age and their compensation. The main advantage of a pension plan is that, it provides guaranteed income after your retirement. But unfortunately many companies have stopped offering pension plans. So this burden also falls on the monthly expenditure of the employee. Now you have to figure out how to save enough amount of money to create your own pension plan in your retirement phase. Many companies are offering interesting offers for retirement plans.

What you will need to do:

Paying for pension is like one of the never ending historical wars. There is a confusion related to paying money for your plan. Once you consider all the information then it will become easier. First, you have to figure out that how much you can pay to your plan every month. Then understand the types of plans that your pension plan company offers. Mainly know about all investment options that can provide source of income. Actually there are two schemes. A defined benefit plan, here the risk is for the employer. The employer has to pay the pension to their employees after their retirement. But now many private sector companies do not following this scheme. There is another scheme that is defined contribution scheme. In this scheme, the risk is for the employee. The employee has to take his own risk by paying for it. You have to choose the right company which is giving the high return on your investments. Companies that give high return are less in number. If you want your money to be secure just go through the trustable companies not to the companies which are giving the high returns. So choose the correct plan which you are able to pay because there are also some debts you must pay before your retirement


Life is too short, we don’t what happens next. So always save your income as a pension after your retirement.

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