Things to Know Before You Buy a New Home

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Having a house of your own is a dream for most of us. Living in a house has its advantages a sense of independence, but the house also seeks a master to manage it. So having your own house is tempting and challenging at the same time. It is well known that the process of building a home can be complex, so below we present the steps, i.e. stages in the construction of a house that is waiting for you on the way to the realization of your dream the dream home. From the Rochester Hills, MI Realtor you can have the smartest solutions now.

Building Land

If you own land or plan to buy land to build a house, first make sure that construction is allowed. For more information about what is allowed in a particular area, what may not be built, or what permits you need. You can contact the competent construction and zoning office in your area.

Construction Documentation

Rochester Hills, MI Realtor

You found out you can build a house on the land? The next step is to obtain the required construction documentation. At this stage, all the documents, permits and permits are collected and the specifications of your family home are defined. The indispensable experts at this stage are: Certified Architects and Surveyors.

Construction of Foundations, Basements, Floors And Roof

The next step is to set up a protective fence around the construction site and to bring the necessary equipment, machinery and materials. Before we nail the first nail on the construction site, it is necessary to make demolition of the house, which involves determining the exact location on the construction lot on which the building will be built. Exclusion of the object is made by a certified surveyor.

We Start the Machines and Start Building A House

First, we start with earthworks preparation of earthworks, i.e. excavation and leveling off the ground for the production of foundations and basements. During the construction of the foundation, it is necessary to insulate the underground part of the foundation and to lay horizontal elements of the sewer or pipes for water drainage.

The next step involves building exterior walls, making ceilings and concreting stairs and balconies. Upon completion of these works, we will come to the construction of the roof, chimney and installation of skylights. You can find out the calculation of the cost of building a house per m2 (meters square) or stages by using a calculator. All you have to do is enter the area or square footage of each floor of the house and in a few steps you can find out the cost of building the house.

Installations of Water, Sewage, Electricity, Gas

In the fourth step of building a house, we will focus on the performance of the installation work electrical installations, water, sewage and gas. After installation, the tests must be tested. In the meantime, installing all exterior PVC or ALU or wooden joinery of front doors, windows, balcony doors and rocks will be done.

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