The Ultimate Benefits of Using Debit Cards

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Bank cards have come into the everyday life of people relatively recently, but now it’s hard for many to imagine their daily lives without them. Those who still look at cashless payment with disbelief can surely change their minds by learning about the objective advantages of debit cards with onevanilla balance .

Keeping up with the times

When the first minted coins came into circulation around the 7th century BC, they quickly replaced other equivalents of the value of goods. After a couple of millennia, the coins began to take their positions in securities banknotes, because they were cheaper to produce and more convenient to carry.

But life does not stand still, and gradually banknotes begin to give way to bank cards. What are their obvious advantages, you can consider the example of bank debit cards, and at the same time dispel the myths surrounding them.

So, a debit card is a payment card tied to your real bank account. With its help, you can pay for almost any goods and services in stores or the Internet. Thus, bank debit card holders can pay for housing and communal services through an ATM or even from home.

onevanilla balance

It is much more convenient to make purchases in the store using a card, because you don’t have to think about whether you have enough cash. In addition, today credit cards are accepted in almost every corner of the world, which undoubtedly makes life easier for travel lovers, saving them from visits to currency exchange points.

Safety is the main thing

An important advantage of using bank cards is their security. If anyone who has fallen into their hands can dispose of cash, then bank card transactions must be confirmed: by signature or pin code, known only to the card holder. Bank cards are protected by an electronic chip, so they are durable and reliable. They are not demagnetized, they are not erased, and subject to the safety rules for using the card, customer data is not accessible to scammers. Finally, a lost card can be quickly blocked and restored.

In order to minimize the risk of fraud and prevent illegal cash withdrawal operations, banks around the world have long introduced limits on cash withdrawals through ATMs or cash desks of banks. A similar practice is applied by banks. In particular, in order to more reliably protect customer funds from fraudsters, there are daily and monthly limits on cash withdrawals at bank.

The daily limit on the classic cards of bank is 150 thousand dollars. Usually this amount is enough to meet the daily needs of the client. But even if you need a large amount, you can withdraw cash twice: through an ATM, and then at the bank’s cash desk, thereby increasing the amount.

Of course, each client has its own needs, and in order to take them into account, bank set different limits for cards of various categories. So, if you still need access to more cash, you can always find the right option for yourself. For example, for holders of Gold or Platinum debit cards, bank increases the monthly limit to 10 and 30 million dollars, respectively.

Another important aspect, the use of bank cards is more convenient for controlling costs. Data on each payment made is recorded in the transaction history, and you can always quickly receive the necessary information directly to your phone through the Mobile Bank or by going to your profile in the Internet bank.

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