The style of writing and choice of the words

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The thought that is expressed through the form of the characteristics of a language about an individual, nation, and a period in the literature is known to be the writing style. According to Byron Ray, it is noted that the broader concern in the form of writing is known to be the style that shows the relationship of the readers with the text and then the grammatical choices of the writer. Through the style of writing, the writer can express the social identity and then the emotions of the particular devices that could make the effects on the audience. In the form of writing the thesis, one should focus on the real phdessay reviews that show the emotion of the writer to the audience. The actual term of style refers to the singular aspect of individual writing habits and also known to be a particular document. These aspects of writing style lead to the individual writing style go beyond the limit. Spelling, grammar, and punctuations are known to be the essential elements of writing beyond those elements, the choice of words, sentence structure, and then the paragraph structure are the most important skill of the writing style. So those writing style helps the writers to convey the meaning effectively to the readers.

Good writing skill:

Through good writing skills, the writer can express the message to the reader simply and clearly. The writer can be flexible while expressing the thought he has got the flexibility to express the concept of what he wants to convey. Through the writing skill, the reader can be more attentive, engaged, and interested through the skill of the writer. The personality of the writer can be expressed through the skill of writing through the writer’s style. Through publishing the work of the different styles of writing, the skill of the writer, knowledge, and then the ability of the writing is could be expressed.

Choice of words is necessary for writing:

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The central elements in the style of writing are the choice of words in every writer’s style. The choice of words is known to be a matter of trial and error until the choice word is being right. It is the choice of the writer to choose the proper words. For the effective way of writing, the writer must use the dictionary and thesaurus. Because the use of dictionary and thesaurus helps to get a variety of word choices to the writing. Then the writer might seek the middle level of diction in the process of writing. The writer must aware of using the words. So the writer should avoid the clichés, jargon, and the invented word usages. And also the writer must avoid the use of simple and substandard English and then the regional expressions, slang in the use of writing. The choice of words must in the established sense which would help the readers to enable with the writing. And then the writer must avoid using fancy words in the process of writing. The writer must express only what he wants to mean in the text. Then the use of sexist language and offensive words must be avoided by the writer.

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