The price is important, but not the most important

The Heavy Hitter

After you have determined exactly what you want a lawyer to do, you will probably start looking for the price. As with virtually all goods and services, price is one of the most important decision-making criteria and, as with everything, the cheapest does not always mean the best. Choosing only the lowest price can revenge you. Price is important in terms of whether it is at market level. In others, the emphasis is on expertise. Investigating in the wrong place can lead to unnecessary risks and potentially to business failure of the matter. Its really The Heavy Hitter in actual words.

In case of representation before the court, also ask for the price of representation. Some offices charge their services according to the lawyer’s tariff, while others use the contractual tariff, where the standard tax is up to 3500 dollars per hour. However, the client is not entitled to these costs above the contractual tariff against the counterparty, even in the case of victory in court. This finding is very unpleasant for many entrepreneurs. Therefore, this question should be discussed and not afraid to ask about things that we do not understand to a lawyer of the Consumer net association.

Small or large office

The Heavy Hitter

The price is also closely related to the question of how you solve the detailed problem. For example, experts recommend that you ask yourself the following questions. How much scope of legal services do you need and to what extent? Do you need to solve an individual case just now, or do you also want a detailed analysis with regard to prevention and possible solutions in the future? Will you obtain formalities as a criminal record, or do you want for reasons of time or prestige to have such matters handled by a lawyer?

Answering these questions can help you resolve the dilemma of turning to a large law firm or choosing a smaller business. For smaller offices, you will receive a more individual approach, as you will most likely encounter the same lawyer. For larger companies, you have the advantage that you can get comprehensive advice from other areas of law that affect your problem.

Similarly, when choosing lawyers, it depends on how acute your problem is. Do you need to solve it as soon as possible, or can you look at the case in more detail and do not have Damocles’ sword in the form of a time stamp? For example, some offices have a highly professional team that has few members and is unable to handle the matter in time and quality. On the other hand, for tasks less demanding in terms of scope, logistics and coordination, a small expert team can be an advantage.

Another important factor is the location of the law firm. If you do business, a lawyer will not be an ideal choice in terms of costs. The price usually includes the travel and time spent on the trip and especially in litigation, the services of a lawyer can far from unpleasantly expensive.

Put mainly on the recommendations of acquaintances

As for where to choose the right lawyer, experts advise to follow the recommendations of their good acquaintances. Especially for smaller law firms outside large cities, the effect of the recommendation is motivating. New clients will be given better attention, as it will know that there are more players in the game. An error could mean both the loss of a new subject and the one he recommended, and that would be unpleasant.

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