The Popularity of Keanu Reeves with John Wick

Twenty years after “The Matrix,” Keanu Reeves’s name is back among the most talked about and admired by the public. The actor became a sensation on the Internet and won the crushing title of the moment. His popularity is so great that it became a religion, Keanuism. Although fictional, it is dedicated to “worshiping the God Keanu”. In you can know the best about him. The reasons for so much admiration for Keanu Reeves are:

Handsome guy

Usually one of the basic principles for being crush is beauty and in this regard the artist takes lyrics. At 54, his long beard and hair set is a pure charm and makes him one of Hollywood’s most handsome and coveted heartthrobs.

Hollywood success

First of all, it should be noted that Reeves is quite an actor. His roles, especially in the new films “John Wick 3 – Parabellum” and “Toy Story 4”, please fans and emphasize his talent in the seventh art. Her fun participation in “My Etrene Maybe,” in which she makes fun of her own persona, captivated audiences and spawned a plethora of memes. Besides a good professional, guaranteed the admiration of everyone for his work, outside the big screen his attitudes keep the affection of the public.

King of the film festival

His cinematic performances are so good that in addition to winning the admiration and the hearts of the public, he won a movie festival of his own. Promoted by Matchbox Cineclub, KeanuCon is the first film festival entirely dedicated to the artist.

“Cyberpunk 2077”,

As if it wasn’t enough to break the hearts of movie buffs, he is now also ready to win gamers with his participation in the game “Cyberpunk 2077”, which opens in 2020. In the game, he will be the lead singer and guitarist of the Samurai band, Johnny Silverhand, who behind all the success is actually a Marine from a war in Nicaragua.


The good heart is also one of his characteristics. Keanu has its own foundation with the primary goal of helping children’s hospitals and funding research for cancer treatment and cure. This is one of the points that not everyone knows about the Hollywood star, because, without having to promote him with it, he rarely spoke about it.


One of the things that have drawn the most attention is the artist’s respect for women. Whenever Reeves takes a picture of a female figure, whether anonymous or famous, he avoids much contact out of respect. The attitude has had a positive impact.

Not married

Everyone knows how frustrating it is to have some crush that is already committed to someone else, but this is not a problem for anyone who wants John Wick’s interpreter. Despite being one of the most coveted heartthrobs of the moment, Keanu is very single. It is noteworthy that he is also an accessible artist, who does not refuse contact with fans, so is the tip for those who want to try their luck to win him.

Animal friend

To make it even better, he still knows how to handle animals. In May, in a video interview, he had fun sharing the moment with many cute dogs. Despite the animals, it was his figure and the way he handled the pets that stole the scene.

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