The Great Choices in Classic Powerleveling

Have you ever asked yourself how some very talented developers manage to come up with such impressive moments in games that besides wow nothing else comes to mind? These moments were engraved in your memory and for the sake of them, you were ready to restart the level again and again. Let’s figure it out together what are called wow moments in level design, how to use them correctly and where to look for sources of inspiration to create your own unique wow moment. For the powerleveling, a visit to can be perfect.

What Is A Wow Moment?

Wow, the moment is a key event at the level that is created with the aim of impressing the player as much as possible and thereby warming up his interest in the further passage of the game. As a rule, this is a game event, which in its entertainment, dynamics and scale is not inferior to Hollywood films. It can be both part of the gameplay mechanics and a directed scene that does not affect the game process. Most often, wow moments are used in games with a strong plot component and help to attract the player’s attention to the story.

The main goal of the wow moments is to hook the player at the beginning of the level, not to let him get bored in the middle, and to reward him with an impressive scene at the very end. For example, in the introduction, the wow moment serves as a warming element that immerses the gamer in the atmosphere of the game world. In the middle of the level, such a moment can act as a peak event, which allows you to change the pace of the story and offer new gameplay mechanics. At the end of the level, he serves as a reward to the player, increasing interest in the subsequent development of the plot. The most popular types of wow moments can be distinguished by the example of famous games.


Chilling disasters fall into the first category of wow moments. It can be both natural earthquakes, tsunamis, hurricanes, avalanches, floods and man-made disasters crash of planes, trains, cars, industrial accidents at power plants, dams, oil pipelines, etc.

In the final of the Dead Air campaign in the game Left 4 Dead (2008, Valve), the main characters get to the runway, where they see a plane crash in the immediate vicinity. This event does not affect the gameplay in any way but is one of the most impressive and memorable moments in the game.

At the first level of the game Enslaved (2010, Ninja Theory), the main character finds himself on a crashed aircraft, which is rapidly falling into the jungle-covered post-apocalyptic New York. The player makes his way to the rescue capsule on the casing of the collapsing ship.

Here wow moments are very closely adjacent to the gameplay. The sensation of an approaching disaster makes the player move towards the goal as quickly as possible and any advance is accompanied by another pushing event. For example, as soon as we move from one part of the sheathing to another, at that very moment the ship touches the top of the skyscraper and completely demolishes the place where we just were. In this case, the wow moment not only impresses the player but also tickles his nerves, gives a large dose of adrenaline, making the gaming experience even more vivid and memorable.

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