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Surely it starts to feel like a Deja vú? You’ve heard it before, but it’s still true a lot of reading really helps with writing. It introduces you to new vocabulary, other interesting word choices and lovely phrases that you can then use in your own writing. It doesn’t matter what you read, the important thing is that you do it both frequently and often! Books, magazines, blogs, news articles if it’s in writing (and well written), read it. You need to question is homeworkmarket reliable ?

Don’t ignore these words

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If you want to take the writing to the next level, there are a few words you should ignore when writing in English, very, really, quite, good, got, stuff and things. It may sound strange that it would help the text so much to just delete a few words, but it does! These words are really just unnecessary. They do not reinforce the text very much, so what you write will have the same meaning without them, but more readable.

Hot tip: Replace “very / really + adjective” with something more extreme adjective, e.g. change “very hungry” to “ravenous”, or “really dirty” to “filthy”. Running very fast becomes “to sprint” instead of “run very fast”.

Use a synonym dictionary

After erasing unnecessary words, it’s time to choose good words to replace them with. This is where the use of the thesaurus comes in, which may become your new best friend. You can use it by exchanging words that you use too often into significantly more interesting, more appropriate or more advanced options. English for example: cloth> fabric; money> cash; change> alter; happy> happy; decorate> embellish; improve> enhance. Your text will stand out more and is considered to be more sophisticated if you avoid using too much everyday vocabulary. But be careful not to overdo it! Your text should still have a good flow and be understandable to your intended reader.

Use and pay attention to word summaries

A compilation of words is word combinations that work better together, although other word combinations can also be grammatically correct. An example is the English term “heavy rain”. According to the rules of grammar, “strong rain” also works, but it sounds a little unfamiliar and strange to many. A handful of other English examples of this are weak tea (not feeble tea), excruciating pain (not excruciating joy), tall trees (not high trees), buy time (not purchase time) and fast cars (not quick cars).

To increase your knowledge of word-compilations, you can start with a basic word such as make, do, get, break, tell and examine which words can be used with them. You can also start with a “type” of word-compilation and memorize a number of examples. A few examples are:

  • Adverb + adjective (completely satisfied, widely available, bitterly disappointed)
  • Adjective + noun (strong coffee, heavy traffic, severe weather)
  • Verb + noun (do your homework, make amends)
  • Substantive + noun (a surge of anger, liquor license, panic attack)

Know your readers

When writing, it is extremely important that you write for your readers. If you think about it, you use a different language when updating your resume than when you write an essay for your studies or an article for your personal blog.

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