The Choice of Wine: Errors Not To Be Made With the Wine List

vino pago de Carraovejas

Insider asked expert sommeliers. Here is what emerged from being experienced without being expert, to the fear of daring. Mistakes and advice is to always look good and be sure to be satisfied. It happens especially when we browse a wine list at the restaurant, but in general, when we are faced with the choice of wine like vino pago de Carraovejas , there are common mistakes that one should and could avoid committing.

vino pago de Carraovejas

Some experts in the industry on Insider have made them emerge. Thirteen are not few and if in thirteen at the table it brings evil, with a hint of Italian typical superstitiousness, it would be better to keep in mind the advice given to us or we would risk finding ourselves drinking a glass that tastes like a cork. The advantage in the face to face is that of having someone to advise you.

Choice of wine label

It is a mistake especially of the uninitiated. In a society where the image unfortunately always counts more often than the substance, to be deceived by a beautiful image, for elegance, colors or characters is very easy. It is likely that the bottle is also excellent, given the attention that with the marketing even the best producers lend to the aesthetic side, but you know the appearance could be deceiving, Better to give a read also to the back, at least to see what the bottle contains.

In Choosing the Wine, Remember Never To Take It Too Seriously

This is one of the most common mistakes. We arrive at the restaurant, take the wine list and tend to pose as great experts. In case someone was good for him, but for everybody a rule is worth: taking the wine too seriously is bad. The nectar of Bacchus is synonymous with fun and carefree. Don’t be anxious about the Charter. Stay calm and remember that you are there to enjoy a special evening. Relax and if you really don’t know what to do, ask the sommelier with a nice smile.

In Choosing the Wine, Don’t Be Too Cool, Then Maybe You’re not

Keeping in mind the previous advice if you want to impress at dinner do not do it by pretending to know more about wine than you actually know. Call those responsible and let yourself be guided in creating a fun course, from which to learn, and with which to amaze.

In Choosing the Wine the Relationship of Trust with Your Retailer Is Fundamental

The human relationship is essential also to ask if buying that bottle on offer is the right thing to do for example. Having a good relationship with sommelier is a good card to play on every occasion. By getting to know you and establishing a relationship of trust, he can become your advisor in purchases, online or in real time. It will certainly give you the right tip and take you also to make unexpected discoveries, but perfect for your palate.

In Choosing the Wine, It Is Not Enough To Opt For the Second Cheapest Bottle on the List

It is a much more widespread mistake than one might think. The reasoning is usually this: this costs too much, this too little so it’s poor, let’s take the middle way, It is not so. Some excellent wines can also cost less than you think. Once again, when in doubt, better ask the sommelier for advice.

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