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Rochester MI real estate

Building a house is a big project, made up of many steps. If an individual home builder (CMI) can be of great help to you, it is important to learn about these key steps upstream to become aware of the scope of the project. The Rochester MI real estate is one of them.

House construction: the 3 essential stages of your construction project

Do you know anything about building, construction, masonry and even less timber? Do not panic. Remember the basics: building a detached house is based on three main steps:

Structural work: the first step of the building site which contributes to the solidity of the building

The second work: second step to make your house habitable

Finishes: the last step having the mission to embellish the house to your taste and make it pleasant to live

Structural work: the first step in building a house

Rochester MI real estate

The plan for your future home has been validated; you have found and bought the land on which the property will be built: the site can now begin. The shell is simply all the work that will allow your house to “stand up”. This work represents an important step in the construction process and covers:

The foundations

These constitute the basis of the construction of a house. Imagine the foundations as the support and base of your future home because they are the assurance of a stable, balanced and solid home.


This step consists of installing the sewage system. Two solutions are possible at this stage of the project: the mode of evacuation may be collective or individual. In the first case, it is a connection to the sewerage, in the second it is the establishment of a septic tank.

The basement

This is the construction of the lower part of the walls resting on the foundations of the house. There are 3 types of the basement: the so-called “hedgehog”, the crawl space or the basement. The underbody technique adopted depends on the characteristics of the terrain.

Masonry elevation or elevation of walls

This stage of house building is a crucial moment for the homeowner. With the construction of walls, load-bearing walls, and eventually the chimney, the future house begins to really take shape.


The walls are built; your house now needs a roof. Inwood or metal there are two types: the traditional framework allows to exploit the attic (to build an attic, for example) while the industrial framework, certainly more economical, involves useless roof spaces (we speak then of attic lost).

The cover

This is concretely the roof of your house. Tiled roof, slate roof, solar panel roof, zinc roof, etc.: There are different types of roofs.

Building your house: the frame

Second work: a step to equip your future home

Your future home has a roof and walls. It times to make it livable by carrying out equipment work. This work is based on:


Of course, the thermal and sound insulation of your home is a step that should not be neglected and that deserves reflection. Good insulation of walls, roof, and the floor will save you energy.

The dividers

The construction of the interior partitions planned on the plan of your house will make it possible to separate the rooms from each other, to create spaces and volumes differently.

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