Reliant Energy reviews – should I believe energy reviews?

Reliant Energy Reviews

Let me guess, are you planning to get a new energy supplier? Or just got shifted to Texas and searching for the best energy provider in your locality?

These days, a worth it energy supplier is rare to find, especially when the oil and gas prices are touching new heights. Whether the price goes up or shows a downward trend, we all know that energy suppliers are important to power our houses.

So, did you get the best energy supplier? Well, if not, then Reliant Energy Reviews is some of the few reliable suppliers you need to consider. Here is detailed information about the company and what the customer reviews, as well as feedbacks suggest about the company.

Reliant Energy

Reliant Energy is a prominent electricity provider to the state of Texas, with more or less than 1.5 million customers. Our sources suggest that the company is headquartered in Houston, Texas, and is a subsidiary of NRG Energy (the largest supplier of electricity in the United States).

Being founded in the early 20s, the company has shown reasonable growth to date. And with the continuous growth in the number of customers, Reliant energy has become the second largest provider of electricity in the state of Texas.

According to recent data and surveys, around 1.8 million households in Texas have Reliant energy as their major power supplier.

Reliant Energy Reviews

Whether it is about business electricity or residential power supply, Reliant energy is undoubtedly the best energy supplier in this region, with plans to expand in other states too.

Now that you know what the company is all about, you might be wondering about the customer reviews and experiences.

Reliant Energy reviews – should we believe reviews? 

There are several energy rating companies in the United States that are well-known for researching, evaluating, and listening to customers to rank energy suppliers from best to worst. However, we have referred to data and analysis from renowned rating agencies with reliable evidence and trustworthy assessment.

Generally, a short review of the service is requested after a few days of shifting to a new power supply, which may not be a sufficient amount of time for the customers to experience service. And guess what!? Many customers take the initiative to review or leave feedback do so to resolve their ongoing supply problem, which draws a lot of negative feedback that is fabricated and half-truth.

On the other hand, customers who leave positive comments are incentivized. Hence, they tend to be biased. So, should we believe review? Yes, there are few customers with neutral perspectives, and various rating agencies quote such customers.

One of the most reputed and genuine rating agencies which stand unbiased in this case is BBB (also known as Better Business Bureau).

Here is what we found about Reliant Energy.

Reliant Energy Review

It comes with no surprise that Reliant Energy Reviews has received an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau and other popular Public utility Commission for the state of Texas. Although, the BBB has reported 194 complaints and negative feedback in the last three years. Which is pretty rare, even with a massive customer base.

What that means is you can trust the service of Reliant Energy without having second thoughts.

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