Pros and cons of YouTube Vanced

Youtube Vanced

YouTube is the most viewed application after the Google search engine. But most of the people gets irritated for advertisement while watching videos. The user with the most concern is like to limit the work successfully. On the other side, Youtube Vanced are created by site developers. This application overcomes all the limitations of YouTube. There are complete processes are explained in the below passage.

In this application, there are a lot of features added so it becomes a hit on the user’s side. This feature gives a clear view to users to download this application instead of the original one. There are some resolution issues in official YouTube and also picture quality gets low when it is optimal. But in YouTube vanced have overcome the video resolution in maximum. If the user has an internet issue then the YouTube vanced can customize the resolution and speed to compare with the internet to watch videos continuously. Official YouTube application has a white theme, which is bad for some users but YouTube vanced it has a dark and black theme, so the users can customize it according to their choice. Official YouTube applications don’t allow the user to zoom the video while watching. In Vanced, users can able to zoom the videos according to the device they used. The auto-repeat option is also available for the users to hook dinner videos and watch them again.

Youtube Vanced

Pros of Vanced

The look of the application is good while compared to official YouTube. Security threats are not attached in this application and users have to worry about security being breached only. The most beautiful thing about this application is works perfectly on any device. They don’t have to root or unroot the device for use. It also has one more feature and that was the user to create a playlist on its own.

Cons of Vanced

Every application has an equal negative side and it also is considered while downloading the application. User interface and linked navigation get complained about by some users. It was the only demerits in its application. If the user uses this application regularly then the user can able to handle this issue like expect.

Installation Guide

From this passage, there will be a complete process to install the YouTube vanced application. If the user matches its needs with this application then these steps will help to install it properly.

The first step is to download and install the MicroG application. After the steps are completed, run it and search the YouTube vanced application to download it. After download, use the application and the application ask permission to enable it. Enable the download and install from unknown sources. Once you enable it, then it works automatically. After all the steps are completed, open the application use it normally like official YouTube.

It was a good application while compared to other official applications. Likewise, there are millions of modded applications available on the internet. Some will bad for the user and some will good for the user, the user has to choose the appropriate application for usage. So be careful about the bad application, it will totally get our data without our knowledge also. The application will spoil the device totally when they using it.

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