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CPD training

Find out more about the importance of networking and how to develop your network. You know that old saying, the unseen is not remembered? One of the key elements for professional development is the cultivation of your personal brand. This is the way you project yourself into the world. When you share your knowledge and experience publicly, you tend to be more recognized for your work. And it has nothing to do with arrogance or vanity. Do not confuse the development of your personal brand with snobbery. With CPD training this is important.

If you share more about your work this year, chances are that people will recognize you as a good professional. Developing a reputation for excellence doesn’t happen overnight. It is a continuous and small process, like drop by drop, from grain to grain. Show yourself to the world. Take the time of your day to show off your career achievements and discoveries.


Many people see professional development as a passive way to improve skills. That is, searching for other people, schools and websites for sources for career development. However, did you know that we learn a lot more about a subject when we teach it to other people?

CPD training

Creating content and sharing your ideas is a precious form of professional development for two reasons. According to experts, first of all, the act of writing or lecturing or making a podcast or creating videos compels you to crystallize your knowledge in a way that is understandable and appealing to others. It sharpens your own understanding and makes you think more deeply about the issues. So put on your list the goal of creating and passing on your knowledge to others whether through classes, blogs, podcasts or social networking.

Professional Mentoring

For some time now, professional mentoring has become part of our professional context. This is a technique developed by experienced professionals to instruct new graduates to enter the job market better prepared for their personal and professional choices.

Professional mentoring is nothing more than an experienced professional support tool or technique. That is, you have the help and suggestions of a more experienced mentor, usually from the same field as you. It will guide the beginning of your professional career so that you make the right decisions and start developing more effectively.

One of the benefits is the exchange of experiences. With the help of the mentor, you will understand the difficulty of the job market, how your area works in it and what the steps for you to be successful are. In addition, one of the most important benefits is deficit development. This means that the mentor will evaluate you, your knowledge and your experiences. After the assessment, it will indicate training if needed, courses or even an exchange for you to improve. How about seeking the help of a professional for the development of your career?


Remember that professional development is a long term investment that requires not only time and effort but also careful planning. So create your goals, make professional resolutions with a clear focus on what you want to achieve.

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