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Moriah Stone Jewelry Collection

For several centuries, a brooch was considered one of the most elegant and stylish women’s jewelry. Currently, there are a huge number of types of brooches: with floral motifs, for example, a brooch-bouquet, with various geometric inclusions, with symbols, etc. In order not to get lost among this variety, let’s talk about how to choose a brooch for everyday wear and for a festive occasion with Moriah Stone Jewelry Collection .

The Right Neckline

Moriah Stone Jewelry Collection

Under a certain neckline, decorations that are different in their tasks, styles and size will fit. It is enough to learn the logic once, and you will never be mistaken when deciding which jewelry to wear to which neckline. First of all, answer the question of what emphasizes or hides your neckline. It will depend on what kind of jewelry you complement or beat. And remember that a deep neckline regardless of the shape of the neckline requires jewelry! In the XIX century, wearing a neckline without decorations was considered indecent and was permissible only to commoners and women who were not members of high society.

  • The deep V-shaped neckline, most likely, emphasizes the chest, attracts attention to it. Therefore, jewelry pursues the same goal. A massive chain with a large pendant, a long necklace or several thin chains with pendants of different lengths will suit this cutout. How to choose jewelry for a dress for a round neckline, classic jewelry is recommended: a string of pearls, a short-chain with interesting weaving, and a short and long necklace worn at the same time, worn at the same time, in contrast.

The Best Image of The Jewelry

The image can be supplemented with medium-sized earrings, for example, classic studs. It’s most difficult to choose jewelry for the cutout “boat”: necklaces or pendants will not be noticeable, in addition, the lines of the “boat” set other accents. Here, rather, all attention is drawn to the neck. Therefore, you should opt for long earrings, the style and size of which will depend on the style and material of the dress. Brightly colored earrings with colored accents can be used for a classic dress in soothing colors, ethnic style earrings can be used with oriental motifs, and romantic styling can be complemented with candelabra earrings.

A square-shaped neckline is perhaps the most severe of all. His ideal companion is a brooch or several brooches, designed in the same style. Stake them asymmetrically. You might like the idea of ​​picking up other accessories in addition a hat or a silk scarf. Depending on the style of the dress, accessories can be vintage, classic or in current trends.

How to choose jewelry for a dress An extravagant but increasingly popular neckline is the neckline on the back. With him, they often put on a necklace or chain with a pendant backward, and the longer the jewelry, the better! With this neckline, long earrings in the style of the 20s of the last century also look good. It’s practically impossible to choose the right or wrong decoration for such a neckline: a slightly daring image will attract more attention than a dress with a usual neckline.

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