Perfect Choices with the Laser Tag Outdoor

laser tag outdoor

Laser tag is a team military-sports game that uses electronic mock-ups of weapons and safe infrared rays. Games are held in open areas with a large area not to be confused with an arena laser tag. With the laser tag outdoor service, you can now have the best options present.

laser tag outdoor

The player kit consists of two parts:

  • Laser tag marker a model of a real weapon with built-in electronics
  • A headband with sensors on the head, which captures all hits with simulated shock

In the laser tag, like in any similar game (paintball, airsoft), the maximum realism of the battle is achieved:

  • Firing range 200-300 meters and almost unlimited territory for the game
  • Loud and real sounds of a shot or bullet flying nearby
  • Imitation fire shot
  • 30 rounds of ammo with reload capability
  • The need for precise aiming
  • Impossibility of fraud and lack of disputes “hit did not hit”

And All This Despite the Fact That:

You will have the opportunity to play in one day at four different venues in the real “Jungle”, in the city “Western”, on the dynamic “Tin” and in the village of “Saigon”.

  • There are a huge variety of scenarios that are implemented electronically
  • No painful sensations, allowing you to play for children and girls. Infrared rays are harmless.
  • There is no need for additional protection, which makes the game more convenient.
  • It is possible to get full statistics after the game (who hit how many other parameters)

Among other military-applied types of games that are played in real-time and space, the laser tag stands out for its features and equipment. The laser tag does not require serious protective equipment and is considered one of the most harmless games since it is very difficult to get injured here.

Laser tag: game features

Another name for such a game is laser paintball. All players are equipped with sensors and beam weapons. The aim of the game is to hit the enemy’s sensors with an infrared ray that is emitted by a weapon. When it enters the sensor, there is no physical sensation. Just one hit on the target will not be “deadly.” The critical number of hits is configured via software.

Game blasters can be set to different damaging effects. You can also choose the degree of armor protection and the amount of “health”. When the beam hits the sensor, an audible signal sounds and a certain amount of “health” is removed from the affected player. When this life resource is exhausted, the player’s blaster is turned off he goes into the category of “killed”.

There are two varieties of this game: arena and non-laser tag. In the first case, the sensors are built-in with a special vest. For this reason, the player is somewhat limited in his actions; he should not lie and run, direct collisions with rivals should also be avoided. The arena type game is played in a room resembling a maze. An external laser tag gives players greater freedom of action. In this version of the game, the sensors are attached, as a rule, only to the headband.

Laser Tag Equipment

A set of equipment for laser tag includes:

  • Radio point
  • Computer
  • Software
  • Sensors
  • Weapons

A radio point is an element necessary for the coordinated operation of the entire game system. You can increase the playing area if you combine several radio points. Laser tag software is purchased with the radio tags or downloaded from the equipment manufacturer’s website.

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