Old Age Homes: A Care Home for Oldies

Care homes worksop

India is in the second position globally when we talk about the senior citizens and those citizens are living their life in destitution. Many of the children are living in abroad due to their jobs so in that situation they don’t want their parents live alone without any security so in that stage they sent them in old age home, second and bad thing when children don’t want to live with them just because they are old and they are not earning anything. The old age homes are also known as Care homes worksop .

So, help them so that they can live their best life with dignity and a much non – profitable organization doing the same for them.

We all know India is also the youngest nation but the elderly population is more than them and it’s also increasing day by day.

Care homes worksop

One question asks from you: are we ignoring them?

Have you ever seen senior citizens on the traffic signal where they are begging or the same thing out of the temple? If your answer is yes then yes our young generation is ignoring them.

According to the researcher of India said in the 2019 Report, that in the coming year elderly population will increase in the old age home. The report also predicted the reason behind it that half of them lost their job and work due to covid-19, some of them are rural areas and 50 per cent from them will be widowed.

In India, 3 million are senior citizens and 93 percent of them belong to the unorganized sector that doesn’t have pension schemes. Some of them are suffering from mental disorders due to age, depression and this is very common in this age group. Many are suffering from anxiety and also inviting death and self-harm. The other thing is abused by the children. So these are the reasons children put them in old age homes.

So what are the advantages of an old age home?

  • Senior citizens who are unable to live with their families can easily stay there with their age group. These care homes provide their medical facilities and meals according to their diet as well as 24 hours emergency service.
  • The staff of old age homes treats them The main benefit is good behaviour, food and also good service.
  • They involve them with some activities like yoga classes with the medical amenities; they also provide them with a communication mode such as a phone so they can talk with their families too.
  • They also provide them with a library and TV so they know what is happening in the country.
  • These types of places are also safe and secure for them and their old age home mates become like their family and they don’t feel lonely. So this place becomes a home for them to share their sadness and also the joy.
  • They don’t have to do anything like no duties and no responsibilities. They can enjoy their life as they want. There is no expectation from them and residents don’t have to spend any money on them.

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