Move to Sweden or Försäkringskassan

Flytt till Sverige

You who encompass moved to Sweden starting overseas as well as who preparation to survive at this point meant for a year or supplementary must in nearly all belongings be recorded now. While you acquire scheduled, you acquire a Swedish communal safety figure and are rolled as a tenant of possession and a lecture to. Additionally, your married status and your potential connection among partner or kid, teen, and blood relations are recorded. Selected registered, the human being Flytt till Sverige (moving to Sweden) be required to accomplish positive circumstances. Used for those who necessities include a home authorizes or residence allows keeping on in Sweden, particular regulations are appropriate. It is the Swedish Tax organization to facilitate chooses on inhabitants’ register and listing of private information.

Move to Sweden:

Now you will discover what relating to you who are touching to Sweden.  In order pertains to the distant populace who shift to Sweden, excluding as well to Swedish populace who shift back to Sweden following an occasion overseas. It does not pertain to you who are placement via an overseas company, or to those who are at this point to learn.

Flytt till Sverige

Present information to Insurance:

If you shift to Sweden as one with brood who are beneath 16, Insurance, (Försäkringskassan) resolve to get in touch with you while you have been inventoried in Sweden. We perform this to discover if you plus your kids must be covered now and thus include the correct to adolescent hold up. If you budge to Sweden devoid of brood, you can put forward to cover if, for instance, you desire an EU certificate or are relevant meant for recompense.  If you shift to Sweden with no being recorded, you are obliged to present in turn to insurance (Försäkringskassan) which we utilize to look into whether you necessity be assured in Sweden.

Generally, if you survive in Sweden in addition to labor in one more nation, you be obliged to be assured in the state you labor in, and to be the corresponding of the Swedish communal indemnity organization in the country you must relate for.

Precise to health care and dental care:

You who are listed in Sweden are at liberty to healthiness care as well as dental worry on similar conditions as others who survive in Sweden. This means to facilitate you reimburse the customary Swedish enduring payment for health check care and the standard charge used for dental be concerned surrounded by the all-purpose health be bothered organization.

Still, if you are not recorded in Sweden, you are forever at liberty to strength care with dental care to can’t remain to await you come back house. How much you want to disburse for worry depends on which state you approach beginning as well as whether you include an EU license or an official document to facilitate corroborates your correct to worry in Sweden. If you move toward starting one more Nordic nation, it is adequate to in attendance an ID manuscript and provides your house address. You possibly will too have the correct to intelligence that preserves remain pending you obtain dwelling. Whether you encompass it depends on which nation you move toward the beginning as well as whether you vocation in Sweden or else not.

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