Inexpensive offers can have a catch. Pay attention to details

iphone data recovery

Many companies offer Internet recovery software that promises easy, fast, and successful data recovery. The inadequate diagnosis of the damage, as well as inadequate possibilities in the course of the recovery process, is sources of danger. Files disappear when overwritten by the supposedly helpful program. Then data recovery specialists can only recover fragments of the actual salvable files. In the same context, free diagnoses of data rescuers should be critically scrutinized. Not infrequently resulting from enticing offers expensive additional costs to the customer at the entry point were not clear. For the facebook, this is an important deal.

Free tools for data recovery

With the Windows on-board resources you restore only data of the internal hard disk. You need special programs for USB sticks, memory cards, or removable hard disks. Below are four free programs for data recovery under Windows.


iphone data recovery

“Recuva” not only restores accidentally deleted files, music, emails or office documents. Even on already formatted hard drives, the data recovery tool finds files that can be recovered. The freeware is available on request in a portable version that you can run without installation of the USB stick.

CD Recovery Toolbox Free

CDs are very prone to scratches or damaged by other environmental factors. As a result, the disks are no longer read, and the data lost for the time being. With the freeware “CD Recovery Toolbox Free” you can recover files from damaged CDs, DVDs or Blu-Ray discs.

PC Inspector File Recovery

The recovery software supports FAT 12, 16, 32, and NTFS file systems. The tool searches for recoverable data and restores it on a network drive if desired. This is useful because any write would jeopardize further successful file recovery. However, “PC Inspector File Recovery” cannot help with a hardware defect.


UndeletePlus restores old files when the hard drive is formatted, or Windows reinstalled. Even if you’ve already emptied the trash on Windows, you’ll still find photos, music, videos, emails, and office documents with the emergency tool. Not only can you recover data from hard drives, but also from USB sticks, memory cards from your camera, smartphones, or tablets.

Prevent data loss with backups

No matter what software you use to save your data in case of emergency, there is no guarantee for the recovery of your files. You will always save one part and lose another part of the data because there is no software that reliably restores all data. If you lose any important files that you need under any circumstances and cannot recover yourself, you should actually seek further expert advice and get a professional provider for data recovery.

Backup: The ultimate backup guide

To avoid described emergency you should prevent with a backup. The easiest way is to restore your files from a backup. In addition, the loss is to be overlooked in a regular data backup. In addition, you ensure the operating system and move with the backup in case of a defect of the hard disk in no time on a new PC or a new hard drive. Tips and tricks for your backup can be found in our detailed guide.

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