How to take care of the Terrarium?

Terrarium Singapore

Gardening is one of the most common passions. However, taking care of is very difficult. Every plant has a different growing condition. Often variation in temperature and harsh conditions may damper your hopes for yards full of different flowering plants. The best way to outwit Mother Nature is by experimenting with a terrarium. They are perfect for gifts or home décor as they are easy to maintain and care for. The terrarium in the corner of the room will be eye-soothing and refreshing.

Terrarium Singapore

The Terrarium Singapore does not require a lot of maintenance but we should keep few points in mind to ensure that our plants in the terrarium remain healthy and bright. These are:

  • We should select a plant-based on the size of the terrarium. The plant should not overpower the bowl too quickly. The best way to stop them from overpowering is to choose small plants, which can thrive in humid conditions and do well with the moist soil and indirect sun.
  • Some of the common plants that can be used for this beautiful ecosystem are the ground cover mosses. Succulent can also be used in one condition that the terrarium is not closed. It should be an open terrarium. Succulents cannot thrive in humid climatic conditions. You can easily find these types of plants in a local nursery or can buy them online.
  • Terrarium did not make a good greenhouse. The space inside the bowl is very small. At some point, sunlight will heat the terrarium that will soar or roast our plant. Therefore, it had always advised to keep the bowl in indirect sun. Let the plants of your mini garden flourish at room temperature or make the necessary adjustment to make it available.
  • Light and water are the two most essential elements used by plants to make their food. Therefore, the same applies to terrariums also. These mini-gardens had often seen in the office or given as gifts for home decor as they can flourish in indirect sun and little watering. Within the home, it must be kept in a bright area. If still the plants become yellow or start drying up change the location.
  • Cleaning is a very important part of maintaining anything. We should clean the glass regularly to ensure light shines through it brightly. The outside surface of the glass can be clean with commercial glass cleaner. The Interior of the glass must be clean with the non-toxic product, as it may disturb your mini-ecosystem. If we water plants with normal tap water, it will leave a white residue of minerals on the glass. Clean it by adding a 50-50 mixture of vinegar and water.
  • In every ecosystem death and decay is inevitable. To maintain the health and beauty of the terrarium remove declining leaves, stem, and flower parts. The plant, which is overgrown or popping out of the bowl would be replaced with the small-sized plant. It will make your garden clean and spacious. It is also important to remove the plant, which looks unhealthy or diseased, as it will affect other plants in the bowl.

These are some common tips that can be applied to keep the terrarium looking gorgeous. However, there are many types of terrarium, and maintaining each type varies respectively.

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