How to move by carrying plants?

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Are you self-obsessed with plants? Do you want plants to be in every room of your house? Well, then if you change your home, you will take your plants also. Further, it is so very crucial to pack plants with precision and in the right boxes. Check that the boxes are in good condition to avoid any splitting of soil. If the pots are broken, then the plants will die too. The Removal Companies Essex has special packing boxes to carry plants even to greater distances.

Tips while moving plants to new houses

1. Repotting of all the plants in lightweight plastic pots

The lightweight plastic boxes serve so many purposes. Firstly, it helps in moving the plants back and forth. The procedure becomes so less tiring. Secondly, it helps in wrapping the plants in protective materials. This way, the pots will not be broken while in transit. If you don’t want to buy lightweight pots, use hessian for supporting the plants.

2. Giving good prune to the plants

Preparing for transferring the plants is a big decision when moving your home. It reduces less fallout of the branches while in transit. Likewise, the moving process with plants becomes tidier when the pruning of plants is done. If you trim all the old leaves, it will help in the growth of new leaves. This way, you are helping the plants grow better also. Dust and weed must be removed from the plants during this time.

3. Watering the plants

If you are transferring your home during the summer seasons, your plants will be needing lots of water. Don’t water the plants very close to the date you will be moving. Water them properly some days earlier. Please keep them in a dry place so that they don’t get cold. After reaching your new home, water your plants as much as you like.

4. Check the plants for insects before moving.

Do a parasite testing on the plants just before packing them. Also, do leg parasite prevention just before leaving your old home. Treating the insects and parasites in the plants will keep them at bay. Also, it will not be able to affect other plants in the moving van. The removal company gives the parasite treatment just before packing the plants.

5. Binding all the branches together

After putting the plants in the boxes, bind all the branches together. Further, branch binding is required in fruit trees or even more giant trees. You can even start wrapping the entire tree with a hessian or old sheet to keep it safe.

Use the moving boxes from the removal company to pack the plants. The moving boxes not just protect the base but also the roots. You don’t have to buy any special box. Just be sure that the moving container is substantial for supporting the weight of the trees.


Removal Companies Essex

Growing plants is a sign of love and care. You will want nothing to happen to your plants when moving. Depend on the removal company for better treatment to your plants.

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