How to make a replacement band for Apple watch: Simple DIY way explained here

apple watch band 44mm

Like everything you see in an Apple store, the Apple watch bands are expensive too. However, in aftermarket, lots of replacement watch bands are available which are third-party manufactured. But when you want to buy one, often the most gorgeous ones do not fit in an Apple watch, and those which are specifically made as replacement for original Apple watch bands – are hugely marked up. As a solution, we thought, why not go the DIY way? Here you’ll see the detailed procedure to make your own replacement Apple watch band, which will not only save some bucks, also you will be able to make your own collection of replacement straps with various styles, colors and materials.One thing you should note, here we will make a replacement iwatch band for series 4 Apple watches, if you want to make straps for old Apple watch, you need to buy materials according to that size.


Though It’s easy to find watch bands in the aftermarket as per one’s choice, it’s the lugs which need to be fit perfectly with an Apple watch. It’s actually a very straightforward process to follow by which you can use an off-the-shelf generic watch band and make it Apple watch compatible with a set of lugs. You can find lots of videos on YouTube where they show exactly which parts and materials to use, and how to put them all together to make one of those striking Apple watch bands.

apple watch bands


Parts you’ll need:

Mainly two materials you will need here, an off-the-shelf watch strap and a set of lugs. That’s all you need to make a replacement Apple watch band.


Which lugs you should buy

You will find lugs in a lot of varieties. Those come in different sizes, styles, and colors. Some of them look minimal and suit the style of Apple watches easily, so if you want to match the Apple watch finish, you should go by these ones only.  Various colors available too, such as black, gold and silver. Choose one which suits your watch best. And don’t forget the most important thing – size. Make sure you do not buy the wrong sized ones; only perfect sized lug will make a perfect fit Apple watch band.


Bands should be compatible with lugs

When searching for a band, look for the one which comes without its own set of lugs. Some bands you’ll see are angled and those will fit only certain models of watches. Avoid those, and buy the one which has a flat end and hole for the attachment of the lugs. The band should be compatible with the lugs you already bought. So, make sure to keep the lugs with you while buying bands, so that you know you’re buying the exact band which will fit with your lugs. Usually, if you have bought the minimal lugs of 42/44mm, it should fit with a band of 24mm. Or if you’ve bought 38/49mm minimal lugs, it should go well with 22mm bands. Therefore, you must ensure that you’re buying the exact pair of lugs and band mentioned above, otherwise, it will not fit and your effort will be wasted.

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