How does Texas weather affect your energy bill?

Power to Choose energy

Here we will learn about how the Texas weather affects the number of monthly bills you receive according to your plan. Also, we will be learning about the sort of climate that Texas has around the years and why you can choose your supplier.

Power to Choose energy

How does the weather in Texas affect your bill?

During the summer, many people are known to turn on their air conditioning as the temperature starts to rise in Texas. This is because since it has a desert inside of it, the whole state is known to get hot quicker than any other state. Due to this reason, the electricity usage rises in the summer for everyone, and they need to increase the electric output.

Similarly, in winter, people make use of the same amount of energy to keep them hot from the outside cold. You can also use the Power to Choose energy  function of the PUCT to choose the best electricity plan for yourself.

There was a storm that took place in February 2021 during the winters that brought power blackouts to many houses. This brought chaos to the whole state of Texas, and people had to pay huge amounts of electricity bills.

After this storm, the prices of electricity leapt around 7400% and the price after it was 9 dollars per kilowatt-hour. Those residents who had the variable-rate plan had to pay a huge amount of money for their monthly bills.

The main problem with the variable-rate plan is that its price depends on the retail price in the market. Those people who were inside the fixed-rate contract were saved from this rise in money and enjoyed in their homes.

What sort of climate does Texas have?

Texas is known to have many severe climates, and the people who live here seem to love these conditions. Here the weather or the climate can be either hot or cold, and many times you will see that there will be tornadoes.

Another thing about the climate here is that in summers, it tends to get very hot and vice versa in the winters. One of the hottest temperatures ever recorded in Texas was in July, and it was around 35.7 Degree Celsius. Many of the places or cities in Texas enjoy warm summer nights, and even night temperature is very typical. This tells us that every house has its demand or usage of electricity according to its needs.

Why can you choose your electricity supplier?

Since the deregulation of the energy market, around 85% of the Texas residents have had the right to choose their suppliers. However, those people who live in an area represented by TPPA have to use their electricity provider and cannot change it. This service took place in the year 2002, and since then, it has given the citizens a choice of selecting their plan.

There is more than 120 REP in Texas, and you can use the tool created by PUCT to find the best one according to you.  Another thing to remember is that each supplier is different and has different plans for their customers.

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