High Utility of the Passports

High quality camouflage passports,

When it comes to traveling abroad, it often happens that the destination in which you plan to arrive is less important than your country of origin. This is because some passports offer more freedom of movement than others. With the High quality camouflage passports, you can have all the issues completed now.

While some travelers may spend months or even years in a state, others are time-bound and have to obtain very expensive visas after a long and complicated process in order to get somewhere.

High quality camouflage passports,

A person can do anything, but only 2-3 cases out of 10 without negative consequences for yourself and others. This partial or temporary universality is inherent in nature to increase the survival rate of our species as a whole.

Therefore, the possibilities of humanity, i.e. of the whole species, are endless, and the possibilities of a single person are clearly defined by his individual nature moreover, at the level of biology. Parents with two or more children know that children are different from birth.

Why are people different?

Our view, like any system, is a combination of different but complementary elements, due to which the level of survival of the entire system increases, i.e. all kind. At this stage of evolution, nature creates different people to perform a certain set of basic tasks and under certain conditions.

Based on this, it turns out that each person has individual, inherent in nature options for its most effective implementation. And also, just as importantly, there are individual conditions under which the realization of his dispositions will occur.

Simply put, nature gives each person answers to two basic questions:

  • What to learn and what to do more often?
  • Under what conditions will this happen more often?

So there is something that a person can do better and last longer than 70-80% of the time, this is the main functional in a person’s life. And 20-30% of the time a person can do everything, i.e. to be universal is an additional functionality in human life. Equally important are individually significant conditions, both at the physical level and at the level of situations.

What Is A Human “Biological Passport”?

These are two blocks of information:

What? Individual information about the list of areas of activity, the main list of tasks and even the stages of the tasks to which nature lays the maximum predispositions,

Under what conditions: individual information on the minimum necessary conditions at the physical level and at the level of situations for the realization of their predispositions, for high-quality interaction with others and for natural health conservation.

These two blocks of information are equally significant for humans.

What Will Be When We Account A Person’s “Biological Passport”?

If more often, i.e. 7-8 cases out of 10, we take into account the natural predispositions and the conditions necessary for their implementation, and then we get the full realization of the natural potential of a person. What exactly do we get?

  • Focus
  • High-quality process of perception-memorization of information
  • High-quality development of skills
  • Natural motivation
  • Stress resistance (lack of conflict)
  • Natural health conservation

What Will Be When We Do Not Account The “Human Biological Passport”?

If more often, i.e. 7-8 cases out of 10, we do not take into account the natural predispositions and conditions for their implementation, then we get 30-50% of the possible realization of the natural potential of a person.

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