Groom your team by the bite of bonding

Team Bonding

Creativity can be considered the ability to make or otherwise bring something new, whether an original method or device, a new artistic object or form. It may also be defined as “the process of becoming sensitive to problems, deficiencies, gaps in knowledge, disharmonies and so forth; identifying the difficulty, searching for solutions; making guesses or formulating a hypothesis about shortcomings; testing and retesting these hypotheses, and finally communicating the result.

Dedication in team

In a crew, Team Bonding  is very important. Today, most youngsters are caught up in academic competitions and are forced to live stereotyped lives revolving around studies, tuitions, and special classes. Enjoying life by doing things differently hardly ever matters because of various pressures from all sides. All of us have a creative bent, but what matters is how we identify this talent for creativity and make use of it.

Team Bonding

Factors that make creativity in the team

  • There is so much happening around us that we take things for granted and tolerate what is going on. It is important to be alert and conscious, or else we merely exist rather than living. 17-year-old Pinkie once slipped on a banana peel while walking on the pavement and hurt herself badly. Since then, she has been carrying a foldable paper bag whenever she goes out and collects fruit skins from the road and throws them in the nearest garbage bin. It is her contribution to reducing garbage in a small way in a big city like Mumbai.
  • Keep on asking questions. Find out why certain events occur and their significance, like the numerous Indian festivals; or why people behave the way they do, which sometimes defies logic and understanding. Albert Einstein had the habit of lying down on the grass and looking up at the sky. His teachers often told him that he would never succeed in life, yet he introduced the Theory of Relativity for which he won the Nobel Prize for Physics.
  • The world around us is changing rapidly because new and imaginative ideas are being generated almost every day in every field. The common refrain once was: “spare the rod and spoil the child.” These days parents and teachers are being encouraged not to dominate the children but to treat them as their friends, and instead of controlling their behavior, it is far better to convince them. Instead of beating our children, it would be far more rewarding to persuade them to our point of view, although often it is a test of our patience.

Preparation for teamwork 

Knowledge is not a monopoly of any person or a group of persons. Learning is a lifelong process. At a training program on “customer service” for a petroleum company in Mumbai, the participants fill petrol or diesel into the vehicles, and barely a few could read or write. At one of the training sessions, a participant compared the petroleum company to a massive truck with large tires and tubes, costing about rupees 2 million. After that, he reached himself and the others to the nozzle inside those tubes, costing Rs. 20,000, so he felt that he and the others were insignificant people doing a menial job.

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