Greater Details for the Use of the Adjustable Dumbbells

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More and more products can be found in the market for sports and physical exercises at home, whether for beginners or professionals and as an essential are the adjustable dumbbells, essential in a routine of bodybuilding and burning of grease. Experts will help you choose the one for you. Visiting this website happens to be a very important matter here.

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What are adjustable dumbbells?

Weights have always been a basic and indispensable element in gyms, and generally, it is the first thing you think about buying when you want to create a home gym. But traditional or fixed dumbbells have a great disadvantage, and that is. If you want to incorporate a variety of weights into your routine, you must also have a wide variety of weights. With adjustable dumbbells this does not happen, and here is the great advantage they entail. With these adjustable weights, we can have a great diversity of weights from 2.5kg to 60kg depending on the model with the same product, gaining in efficiency, space and even money.

Usage system and models

The most common adjustable dumbbells are those of the Bowflex type, which aesthetically remind of traditional weights and have a dial that, just by turning it, you can choose the weight you want to lift. This type has also been reproduced by brands such as Fitness House, Mileage Fitness, xMark or High Power.

Another model of adjustable dumbbells is the Power Block or IronMaster type, more compact and square. These do not carry dials, if not a kind of separators that allow you to choose the weights you want to lift.

Usability: As you can see in the video, the Bowflex model has a weight regulator that is simpler, faster and easier to use than in the case of PowerBlock, but these allow a more staggered weight change.

Measures: Another initial disadvantage that the use of Bowflexes may entail is its size. It doesn’t matter if we choose the ones of 5kg or 23kg, their size will always be the same and this is slightly longer than normal. This can be uncomfortable when performing certain exercises until we get used to these new dimensions. This does not happen with PowerBlock, whose size can increase while maintaining its weight.

Fitness dumbbell set

Weight range: This is a very important feature to consider when choosing what type of adjustable dumbbell to buy because depending on the weights we want or need for our exercises. We will choose one or the other. Bowflex offers two models. The Bowflex SelectTech 552, which reaches a maximum of 23kg 55.2 pounds and the Bowflex select tech 1090, which reaches 40kg or 90 pounds. If we chose to buy the Bowflex 552 and we wanted to increase the weight to 40kg we would have to buy a new set of cufflinks. On the other hand, the PowerBlock allows up to three expansions, being able to buy the basic 21kg pack and then, if we want to increase the weight, we will only have to buy the next one and lasí until we reach 60kg, a range higher than the Bowflex.

Customization: The possibility of adjusting an individual weight for each dumbbell is one of the greatest advantages that both models provide, thus adapting to the needs of each routine, individual and muscle to exercise.

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