Follow the etiquette while wearing jewelry

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Jewelry has never lost its importance since ages. People wear jewelry to enhance the beauty of their look or to show off their status symbol. Trends come and go however basic guidelines must be followed while wearing jewelry. Proper attire must be worn based on the occasion and situations. The same rule goes with Next Amy jewelry as well.

Some tips and tricks to mix and match your jewelry

people must have proper knowledge regarding the proper attire and what jewelry must be worn during each occasion. Accessories may increase the glow to the outfit. However, the increased attention must be positive. The right jewelry will increase the overall look and will also create a fashion statement you want to project. People will a little bit of negligence may cheapen their appearance or distract from the fabulous personality. People have the misconceptions that less is more however it is not true during all occasions.

Routine jewelry:  There are certain pieces of jewelry that people wear on an everyday basis. Married women wear wedding band all the time. People not interested in having a cell phone to track the time can wear wrist watch always. A simple necklace which is only for keepsake can be worn on regular basis.

Jewelry for the workplace: It is a simple thing to be kept in mind while wearing jewelry for office. The jewelry must be simple and should not create any noise. Individuality can be shown however the jewelry must not be offended for the clients and higher officials. There are offices which are conservative. With such offices, it is better to wear simple studs. It will match the outfit and compliment them as well. Studs and long hoops can be worn which are not shiny and bright and do not make noise when people move. This is applicable only for offices which are less conservative. Women can wear long earrings and must choose them carefully. They must not create any noise which might be a distraction to others. Women can wear such earrings only in the workplaces where there is a creative environment. Avoid wearing noisy bracelet or bangles. This may create a disturbance to the person in the next cubicle or station.  Avoid wearing too much jewelry. Wearing wrist watch, necklace, bracelet, ring and pair of earrings is always ok. It is better to avoid wearing jewelry more than that.

Next Amy jewelry

Party Jewelry:  People attending friends parties or going out with peers on Friday night can wear whatever they like. Clanging bangles and shiny earrings can also be worn. However, avoid wearing too much jewelry to steal away the attention. Too much of accessories will also overshadow the personality of the people.

Formal event:  Jewelry for the formal event will enable the people to look more stunning and elegant. The formal event will also enable the people to wear the best jewelry they have. Even though there is an opportunity to sparkle over it is always better to choose one piece of jewelry. It will help to increase the importance of the best feature of the people. Women can wear stunning crystal or diamond earrings to show off their high cheekbones and stunning jawline. In order to bring the onlookers eyes to your face try to wear a statement necklace. Jewelry is meant to add elegance to the outfit. Too much of it to the formal event may distract the overall look.

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