Flushing down your toilet: things you should never do

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Child wipes, paper towels, nappies – these are simply among countless things that individuals flush down their latrines every day, without understanding that they could be creating a ton of issues to their drains.

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As an organization giving answers for drainage issues, including blocked drains Sheffield inhabitants depend on, we have seen a dreadful parcel of things that have been accidentally, or intentionally, washed away for good, that truly shouldn’t have been.

It’s become obvious to us as experts, that many individuals just don’t have the foggiest idea what ought to and shouldn’t be flushed. Thus, we have assembled a rundown of the relative multitude of things that you ought to abstain from flushing.

Hands-on yellow gloves cleaning a WC

Dental Floss

With dental floss being so little, ton individuals erroneously imagine that they can wash it away for good. This is a slip-up as the floss isn’t biodegradable, and can lead to a lot of issues when there has been a considerable amount of it flushed together. It will fold itself over different items ready to go, and any minor obstructs will before long increase ones.

You should just set it on the right track into your canister!

Paper towels and kitchen rolls are both bigger and thicker than your normal piece of tissue roll, and there could be no simpler method of tracking down this out however when endeavouring to flush it down your latrine.

They don’t separate similarly to tissue roll and will cause a gigantic blockage in your drains.

Feline Litter

you can understand the reason why many individuals would think it was OK to put their felines squander down their latrine – it’s only a tad piece of pee, right? Lamentably, feline litter contains dirt and sand, which are two things that ought to never be flushed.

What’s more, what many individuals don’t know is that feline waste contains poisons and parasites that are hazardous to be in your drain framework! So when you are cleaning your kitty’s litter train, put it in the canister or appropriately reuse it.


Obstructs aren’t the principal issue while flushing prescription – it’s the harm it can do to our water supply that is the issue.

You might feel like you are making the best decision by washing undesirable prescriptions away forever, with the goal that it can’t get under the control of undesirable individuals. In any case, it can create a ton of issues – tainting of groundwater supplies and horrible consequences for untamed life downstream. Sewage frameworks don’t eliminate medicine, along these lines they get delivered straight into streams, lakes, and seas.

Your neighbourhood drug store will want to discard them in a superior manner for you.

Different things you shouldn’t flush include:

  • Hair
  • Tampons/Cushions
  • Oil/Fat
  • Bandages
  • Cigarette buts
  • Cotton fleece/Balls

Essentially, all you ought to wash away for good is everything made by your body’s stomach-related framework and bathroom tissue. All the other things ought to simply be discarded in an alternate, harmless to the ecosystem way.

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