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Does a weather app need your camera? Should others download updates directly from your computer? Windows 10 has lots of gaps in privacy.

Go through your personal settings

One of the first things you should do is check your personal settings. Press the Windows start button and go to “Settings.” Check the settings on different topics. Be skeptical you just say yes to something you have considered. For the facebook this is very true.

Turn off personal advertisements

Advertisers would really like to get to know you well and follow your move online. If they get it, advertisers can show more targeted advertising based on the pages you visit and your preferences. The information is aggregated under an ad ID associated with you. The advertisers will eventually gather more and more information about you if you don’t put an end to the sniper.

The general tab also contains other options that you can advantageously change. Consider whether you want Microsoft to get to know you better through your entries or to see your language list in order to deliver locally relevant content. Turning off the features do not change the functionality of Windows 10. Just keep a little more information about your move secret to Microsoft.

Should Microsoft know where you are?

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Under the tab Place, there is ample opportunity to tighten the grip on your own privacy. It allows applications to use your geographic location when using your computer. It may be smart that the weather app or map app can access your site, but should other applications also have access? And does it make sense for your use of the program or app? Be critical, as much as possible. If a program or app has since needed your current location, you will be asked when the need arises.

Check which apps and programs have access to what

Under the tab “Account information,” which can be found under “Protecting your privacy,” you can, among other things, set which apps and programs should have access to information about you.

Skype might be good enough to give access to your camera and microphone, but should a weather app also have access to see what you are using the camera for? You can change these entries under “Account information.”

Do not share access to wifi

It’s smart to be online when you’re on the go. And really smart if your computer or phone just finds the best wifi network nearby. By default, Windows 10 is set up to share network information with your contacts. This means that you send information about the networks, including your private network at home you use. In this way, people from your address book automatically get information about your network and can use your home network without any law. Although the feature can be smart, think about whether you want to automatically connect to networks you haven’t checked first? Not all networks are equally secure. Turn off the function under the item “Manage wifi settings.” You will find the item under “Privacy” and inside “Network and Internet.” Here you select the “WIFI” tab.

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