Finer Balances for the DVD Ripping Now

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The Digital Copy service promoted by the Digital Entertainment Group is coming to fruition. The group has unveiled the logo that will soon be affixed to the DVD and Blu-ray packaging that will carry a digital copy. With the Digital Copy feature, the buyer has a digital version of the film directly viewable on a computer or on a selection of devices such as an iPod, an iPhone or a PlayStation Portable but also on any Windows Media Player compatible digital. As you can download dvd ripping software , the entire process happens to be essential here.

The Aspect of Digital Entertainment

download dvd ripping software

The Digital Entertainment Group promises a quick and easy solution for copying content to a computer or portable device. The majors are at the rendezvous since some of the last successes of the cinema should be available in versions embedding a private copy, as for example Hancock of the Sony Pictures Studios, Wall-E of the studios Walt Disney or the Incredible Hulk of the studios Universal. Some special editions of DVDs should go from two to three discs, one of them hosting the digital copy. With this service, the distributors intend to neutralize some of the arguments of the most ardent advocates of private copying, who previously advocated the circumvention of protective measures.

  • Still, although the approach is welcome, all will not enjoy their digital copy, the latter remaining protected by DRM (digital lock imposing certain restrictions). Certainly the problem of private copying, which has not been applicable for some time, is now solved, but the defenders of free will not are satisfied by this answer. Reading such digital copies is probably still not possible, if not legal, from non-proprietary and DRM-incompatible players such as the popular VLC software. The debate on interoperability is not over.
  • Private copying is permitted in France as an exception to copyright under the 1985 Law. The right to private copying allows any individual to make a backup copy of any audiovisual media for private use.
  • Nevertheless, copying DVD video is not easy, because of the protections developed by publishing houses to prevent large-scale piracy. What’s more, most DVDs are double-layer DVDs, where recordable media is often a single layer.

There is, however, a software program called DVD shrink that can extract audio and video tracks from a DVD and recompress it on blank media.

A copy is designated as reliable if it results from a process of reproduction which entails an irreversible modification of the medium of the copy or, in the case of reproduction by electronic means, of a process that satisfies certain conditions provided for by the decree, specifies the text.

The integrity of the copy

In the case of reproduction, the copy must be identifiable and dated. Regarding the integrity of the copy – the most important point of the regulation – users must have a fingerprint to ensure that “any subsequent modification to the copy to which it is attached is detectable “. This requires a qualified time stamp, stamp or electronic signature.

Conservation and copy security

The digital copy must be kept in conditions that do not alter its form or content. A new electronic fingerprint of the copy can take place in time if necessary. A history of the copy must be saved. The purpose of this decree is to facilitate the digitization of documents and, ultimately, to allow companies and administrations to enter “paperless” management.

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