Experience the Maze of Race

Amazing Race

The world of entertainment has always been engaged with various forms of activities and events to engage people with fun. The main motto of this field is to relieve tiring people from their busy lives and relax for some time with their family and friends. One such game show is the reality type which is called Amazing Race . This is a real type of show where people participate and anticipate it really. This is not conducted in a closed area but it involves places across the world. Let’s look into the detailed view of this show

Amazing Race

This reality show is an adventure-based game show which involves a team of 2 people to race around the world in competition with other participants. Before entering into the competition there are several rounds of the selection process to be accumulated by the entrants. One main condition is that the 2 participants should be in prior relations with each other like brother-sister, parents, colleagues, friends, etc. their mutual bond is verified. There were several reasons for this adventure show each season comprised of different combinations of relationship bonds among people who participate in the show. Once they are entered their personal details are collected along with passport verification since it involves traveling around the world. The mode of transport for this show includes rail, road water, and airways. In sometimes it might also include a footpath. Each team is paired up with an audio and video recorder crew person from the show host organization. Each difficulty or journey which involves this course of the show is captured simultaneously by the crew.

This adventurous game show is divided into different legs which has a checkpoint at each leg. The team which reached the final destination on time will be awarded a grand prize. The total number of teams that participated will vary from 10-12 in number. The person who reaches each leg will be eliminated and finally, when the final destination comes it would be only around 2-3 teams left. During the course of the show, there will also be several advantages and sabotages which will act as a hindrance to the teammates. The willpower is highly dependent on the team participants to overcome all the difficulty and reach the leg point. The food, accommodation, and other expenses are handled by the host organization in which will include the extra points earned by the team. During the free time of the competition, they can roam around the different places they visit and try out the culture and food of that particular area.

This course of adventurous gameshow involves the cooperation of the two participants of each teammate and a more appropriate way to handle things make decisions and have ultimate fun. Though it involves a huge amount of money and tireless backend work the outcome of the show is really stunning. Even when the sabotages are involved in the process it is mere fun to go through it in a new place. The course of the show also involves climate changes which cannot be determined by anyone.

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