Different types of branded paper bags and its benefits

Shopper personalizzate

Branded paper bags from Shopper personalizzate are made from environmentally friendly material. Their disposal and recycling are safe for the environment, which is important in the current situation. By purchasing goods in paper packaging, you ensure the environmental safety of our blue planet, maintain the cleanliness of our hometown, and take care of the health of the future generation. Paper bags with company logo have a number of undeniable advantages. Such packaging is quite practical, convenient to use, affordable, carries an effective advertising focus.

Shopper personalizzate

Benefits of branded paper bags:

  • Company paper bags with a logo, which are used for packaging company products, indicate its reliability, quality of goods and high service
  • Design of a corporate package, attractive appearance, winning colors, practical form attract a significant number of potential consumers of goods and services
  • Branded paper bags due to the ease of use are widespread, effective for promoting products, which favorably affects the company’s profit
  • Any type of paper and full-color printing methods are suitable for the production of branded paper bags, which allows you to put into practice all kinds of design ideas, increase the versatility of packaging
  • The release of branded paper bags of various sizes, from the smallest to the most spacious, allows the widespread use of such commodity packaging
  • Modern manufacturing technologies provide high strength of the finished product.
  • Practicality and ease of use, environmental friendliness and information efficiency allow branded paper bags to occupy a leading position among other types of commodity packaging.

Coated paper bags

The most common are branded coated paper bags. The properties of this material are suitable for applying colorful full-fledged images. The low cost makes it possible to replicate bright and beautiful packaging in large volumes. Coated branded paper bags combine the best qualities of advertising and packaging products.

Firstly, their low cost compares favorably with the price of other paper or plastic packaging. Secondly, it is possible to apply high-quality both printed and photographic images with the highest resolution on any flat, well-bleached surface of coated paper. Thirdly, the format and size of branded paper bags are not limited. This opens up wide practical possibilities and a variety of design solutions. For printing images on coated paper bags, offset printing is more often used, less often silk-screen printing.

Designer paper bags

Branded bags made of designer paper look exclusive and presentable. Compared favorably with other packaging products:

  • An extensive palette of colors and shades
  • High density fibrous material
  • The originality of the result.

The wide range of paper and printing options allows you to embody even the most incredible design ideas of the customer in a corporate package.

In order to emphasize any details or decor elements, the product is coated with UV varnish, a solution of acrylic resins and polymers. This process is similar to lamination, makes the surface shiny or matte and protects against external adverse effects. To give the corporate paper bag the most presentable look, some models use pens made of textile material satin ribbons or braid.

Packages of Eflin

The most respectable appearance is branded packages of falling, a special design material with a density of 120 to 160 g / m 2. Eflin is very durable, does not require lamination, allows you to use various printing methods: offset, silk-screen printing, embossing, selective varnishing, the use of opaque inks. Their gamut has more than 20 primary colors and shades.

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