Diamonds are eternal, but how about colorful gems?

israeli designer jewelry

Diamonds are eternal, but may not be for everyone. Many men, therefore, look for unusual engagement rings that radiate creativity that would reflect the personality of the future fiancée. An ideal choice for an unusual ring is one of the gems that look stylish and radiate individuality, yet retain the original idea, beauty and elegance of the ring donation concept. Their popularity spreads amongst the stars of the silver screen and in royal families. Because the stones come in so many shades, start your search with your favorite color or gemstone by date of birth or zodiac sign. Dots can also choose according to the origin of the gem and whether it is a natural piece or otherwise formed stone. For the israeli designer jewelry you need the best deal.

Since 1880, everyone has considered diamonds classic because of the successful marketing campaigns of prestigious brands. The same beauty, however, exudes bluish sapphires, red rubies and green emeralds, which can sometimes surpass the price and beauty of diamonds. The market, however, offers many other gems whose shades and hidden messages will appeal to any woman. And do not forget the pearls whose delicacy and splendor pound the heart of not only delicate flowers.

Traditional clear diamonds in classic and modern shapes are evaluated according to the internationally recognized 4C scale, which focuses on their color, clarity, cut and carat weight. Each stone should undergo a careful analysis of the established laboratory, which creates a birth certificate of a diamond, on the basis of which it is subsequently determined its price and position on the market. The value of gems is based on the color saturation, uniqueness, purity and size. Many of them undergo special adjustments that smooth out minor imperfections or improve their tone. A special category is precious stones created in the laboratory, so avoid buying jewelry from an untrusted jeweler or without a certificate.

Are you still thinking that gems aren’t enough festivities, and clear diamonds will make you feel dull? Learn more about the fancy colored diamonds that retain the resilience, hardness and strength of their better-known brothers, but unlike them, they boast wonderful rainbow shades. It is evaluated on the 4C scale, the only color is most important to saturation. Very popular with engagement rings are black diamonds, which many women consider exotic.

israeli designer jewelry

The market doesn’t offer what you want? Try custom manufacturing

Have you become an engagement ring expert? Have you walked the whole city, explored all possible and impossible websites, and yet you haven’t discovered a ring that is right for your chosen one? Try to contact a favorite jeweler who can produce exactly what you want with your assistance. Still hesitating? Try looking at why to have your ring created.

Size Matters

You already know what the ring should look like, what it will be made of, and why you’ve chosen one will like this piece. But don’t forget that size matters. You should know the dimensions of the ring before buying, as it may be somewhat difficult and expensive to adjust depending on the hardness of the metal and the complexity of the stone.

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