Dallas Energy Companies: Tips for reducing your electric bill

Dallas Electricity Plans

A high electricity use shouldn’t lead to penalties on your Dallas Electricity Plans . Make a smarter choice instead. Compare these high-usage electricity plans and lower your utility bills! Even if you use a great deal of electricity, you shouldn’t have to pay high prices for it. Even though your bill is going to be large because you consume so much energy, you don’t have to pay excessive amounts.

Reduce your electric bills with these tips

No matter how much electricity you use, you can rest assured that there are lots of options to lower your bills. Dallas Electricity Plans offers dozens of affordable energy plans.

Who Has the Lowest Electricity Rates?

Dallas Electricity Plans

It is essential to know how to weed out the undesirable energy service providers when shopping for a new electric company. Many energy providers are competing for your business these days. It’s not uncommon for them to use unscrupulous methods to trick you into upgrading. Some hide the fact that they are on the verge of bankruptcy.

There is a 9.7 cents per kWh energy charge on Eagle 24 from TriEagle Energy. Also included in the monthly fee is a $4.95 base charge. For 1000 kWh of electricity usage, your average rate is 10.2 cents per kWh if you pay the base charge and standard TDU charges. That would translate to a bill of $102 per month.

It should be noted that in this case, any remaining month in your contract entails a $20 early termination fee. This can be a surprisingly inexpensive end-of-contract separation fee, but in the event, you leave too soon, it can add up quickly.

Tiered energy plans are also offered by TXU Energy’s Clear Deal 12. Over 1200 kWh, you’ll pay 12.6 cents per kWh. Total usage of 0 kWh – 1200 kWh is 7.7 cents per kWh. Using more than 800 kWh during a billing cycle will also give you a $30 bill credit. The credit on your bill, For 1000 kWh of use, your average rate is 9.5 cents per kWh after the energy charge and the TDU charges. You would be charged $98, on average, per month.

This plan comes with a steep early termination fee of $150. Keep that in mind when you shop for electricity at the end of your contract.

What Happens When Your Dallas Electricity Plan Ends

If you don’t switch to a new provider or plan at the end of the term, you’ll be placed into a variable rate electricity plan. These plans often have higher electricity rates in Dallas than fixed-rate plans and they change on a month-to-month basis. That’s why it’s always in your best interest to shop for cheap electricity before your contract ends.

Shop Best Energy Rates in Dallas

Shopping for cheap electricity in Dallas doesn’t have to be a headache. You can quickly find the best electric plan for your Dallas home without worry as long as you have the right tools and tips. I hope the tips I provided here will be helpful in reducing your electricity bills.

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