Choosing the Perfect Meat Slicer According to Your Requirement

meat slicer review

To be well equipped, you must, first of all, identify your needs to find the right device that will fulfill the desired function. The whole point of the electric slicer is to make a clean, precise and effortless cut. But let’s compare what can be and analyze the criteria that will allow us to choose an electric slicer? To grab the best option you would need the best meat slicer review now.

meat slicer review

The blade

Our models range from 170 mm in diameter for the smallest to 370 mm in diameter for the largest. The size of the blade defines the size of the cut possible with the electric slicer. A model of 195 mm in diameter will be perfect for sausages, a quarter of ham, rosette, bacon, and chorizo. Conversely, a model of 300 mm or more will allow you to cut the hams and other more imposing cuts of meat. On the other hand, the larger the blade, the slower the speed of rotation, the power of the slicer will compensate for the phenomenon.


If you plan to use your electric slicer for cutting various foods, consider checking the versatility of your device. Our pros or semi-pros models can be easily fitted with special blades such as:

  • The serrated blade for cutting bread,
  • The 2-thickness serrated blade for cutting frozen fish,
  • The Teflon-coated, non-stick blade for cutting cheese and delicatessen.

In addition to its versatility, the main thing is the possibility of adjusting the cutting thickness.


Some models can be quite large. Remember before your purchase to check the size of the slicer. You will need space to use and store it. Other models have the advantage of being foldable with retractable feet, thus offering a small footprint on your work surface or in your closet.

For safe use, the device must be placed on a stable and sufficiently spacious support. Indispensable in a butcher, a delicatessen or a caterer, the professional ham slicer is also very useful in catering. It can be used to cut slices of raw or white ham, for the perfect regularity of the slices.

The professional belt slicer

This type of device is perfect for low to medium flows. It will be perfect for a tapas bar, communities, restaurants, small caterers. It is suitable for occasional to moderately intensive use. The manufacturing materials used on recent and good quality belts make them almost wear-free and without variation in cut over time.

The professional gable slicer

This machine is equipped to cope with a large workload. It will be suitable for medium to very intensive use. The supermarket, the butcher, the delicatessen and all institutions need to decide over a large ham a day may opt for these models.

The speed of rotation of professional slicers

The rotation speed of this type of machine is measured in revolutions per minute. It must allow precise, easy and effortless cuts by the user. The speeds are generally between 250 revolutions per minute and 400 revolutions per minute. You should know that the larger your blade, the lower the speed. You must, therefore, pay attention to the power of the machine at the time of purchase. Choose a powerful machine if you need a large blade. If you only use a small blade, a weak or moderately powerful machine can easily satisfy you.

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