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It is also important in terms of confidence to post all product reviews, even those that are less favorable to you. By doing so, you are transparent and honest with the customer. Two important values ​​to gain your trust. Here comes the best deals with the kibo code now with e-commerce options.

kibo code

Our advice

Pay special attention to negative reviews. By sincerely responding, apologizing if you are at fault, or showing pedagogy, you can turn the tide.

Note also that opinion, even negative, will not necessarily dissuade the customer from buying. They may make a phone call or ask you a question about the chatbot to make sure the product is right for them.

Display clear information when adding to cart

When adding the product to their basket, each customer often asks the same question: ” How much will I pay in addition to the shipping costs?” In order to remove any doubt during this stage, it is essential to clearly indicate:

Shipping costs, even if they are free (in addition to an element of reinsurance, this is a real commercial argument)

The delivery time

  • The means of payment available and, if so, the possibility of paying in installments.
  • All of this information can prove to be decisive in the user’s purchasing decision.

Create secure shopping tunnel

Finalizing the purchase is the most stressful phase for the online buyer. Your challenge as an e-merchant is, therefore, to allow him to feel secure in this crucial phase.

First of all, during the validation of the basket, the customer must obtain a clear summary of its contents, by having the possibility of modifying it simply, as well as the price which it will pay. The following information should therefore appear:

  • A clear designation of articles
  • Number of items purchased for each reference
  • Basket amount
  • Shipping cost
  • Total amount to pay
  • Shopping cart

The payment phase being the most critical, it is important to opt for a payment page with a secure address in HTTPS (as for all the other pages of your site besides) and to privilege an organization specialized in the payment in line. Once the act of purchase has been made, don’t forget transactional emails to retain your customers:

  • Order confirmation
  • Payment confirmation
  • Shipping confirmation

Take care of your e-reputation

Your e-reputation also determines the trust that internet users place in you. Indeed, a negative opinion posted on a forum that appears on the first page on Google when the Internet user searches for your site is extremely harmful to customer confidence. As we said earlier, it is important to respond to these dissatisfied customers by offering them a solution in order to transform a negative opinion into a positive one.

In order to react quickly to these opinions circulating on you, you can use specific tools to monitor your e-reputation. You will understand, in e-commerce customer confidence is built little by little, by adding several actions and by building a site optimized for your customers.

Animate his online store

Before you even get started, you need to plan where you want to go and what you want to focus on! You will have to make choices, you will not be able to do everything, even if you have a lot of desires.

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