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Candle Making

The candle is the thing which is used from the medieval period which acts as the light in the poor people’s lives and they did not have much more economic ability to get the power source. These are the candles that are used for making the decorations and they were preparing this in various shapes and various dimensions. These are the candles that are used for decorative purposes and these candles were not used for domestic purposes and they were used for making the beauty of their homes. Candle Making workshop is the most important which trains the students or people for decorating the house and they have used candles for the make use of it in many ways. These are the workshop which stimulates the students or ladies(female) they were trained very well and they were doing their own business by learning or get trained by this workshop. This is the workshop that entirely differs from the other workshops and this workshop which is done effectively. These are the workshop which teaches and they trained the skills with practice. So, the people and students show more interest in it.

Candle Making

Advantages of candle making workshop:

  • Candles were burning clearly and there is no smoke occurs when the candle burns. There are different types of candles in that some candles which are made more beautiful and these candles made them best.
  • Normal use candles were made smoke there is no clearance while burning candles.
  • There are different varieties of candles that were used on different occasions.
  • There are the candles that were done by the purpose if it uses.
  • Candles were made which depends on the work of it.
  • Candles were making the use of it and these candles were done by the use of a variety of structures.
  • Candles were highly used by those people who were saying in the hotel and it is the pleasure of the romantic mood and these candles made the night very beautiful.
  • Most of them were thinking that the candles are a thing that is used only for one purpose.
  • Use the more important thing and those things which make the curiosity to the people.
  • Some of the candles were made by the people which for domestic use and they know it only to use for their purposes.
  • Candles are at low cost and it also ranges at a high cost. The cost of the candles varies by its shape, design, and purpose of use.
  • The candles required to prepare it very fewer materials and these are the candles that were highly sold in foreign countries especially in Singapore because they are people who use candles more than the other people.

These are the advantages of the making of candles and the use of candles. These are the candles that were highly used by the Christian people for both funerals and for also praying things. These are the ways of using the candles and make use of it and way of doing this workshop as their self-learning business.

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