Art Jamming- An Excellent Team Activity for Recreation

Art Jamming Singapore

Art Jamming Singapore  aims to create a new team to produce a work of art by mingling the ideas of 4 to 5 members. They focus on team activity with the full co-operation and strengthening their team with fun and enjoyment. The outcome will be good enough for their expectation, it raises their hope in creating new themes with the idea of different persons. Having fun is an art, here creating fun in art is the technique used in Art Jam. It stimulates your hidden talent to bring out the picture of the dream. If it is hanged on the wall, you just gaze on the beauty and the incident will come front to your eyes on the day of painting with a team. It takes you to the nostalgic effect and sustains you in enjoyment.

Art Jamming Singapore

Moment of Art Jamming

The team momentum is memorable and they forgot even lunchtime as the time passes. That much of interest is created in Art jamming to create a new variety of painting. This moment helps them to relieve the stress and refreshes the mind in Aestheticism. Definitely, it is true that whoever involved in this activity, feels the aesthetic pleasure while creating Art. People who are doing the stereotype works find an alternative in Art jamming with the company of new faces and new ideas. All the people involved in this activity are satisfied, the reason behind that there is no judgement in the work of art. It is a post-modern technic of accepting the things as they present, that is to say clearly seeking pleasure in whatever was done. There is no expectation, only searching the beauty and creation. So no worries or disturbance.

Art Jamming for creativity

Creativity occurs when we allow different things to get mingled in a single pathway, likewise, Art Jamming paves a way for creating art as per the stream of consciousness technique. It a technique allowing our mind thoughts as it is. There is no connection between two thoughts, likewise, there is no link among the participants, and they are free to show their potential in making the art a new creation. Here there is no obstacle to bringing out the hidden ideas of every individual, so without hesitation and fear, they start to work on the painting. The outcome is great, the potential energy is brought out and there is no pathway for stress. If there is no stress, then positivity occurs. The optimistic approach of the team members helps them to create more number of painting in a single day. It also creates a strong bond among the team as their family and a cordial relationship is started and it paves a new journey in their life.

Recreation of Art

The final part of art jamming is recreation. Once they finish the work, they provide a final touch to the painting there occurs the recreation of art. It is a process that the momentum occurs in the final touch, like that once finished the art, they go for bordering and finishing by adding some other colours to get a new version of the picture. While doing this the mind also refreshed and a sudden spark will recreate the work which is created sometime before. It’s a dual activity on painting and mind.

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