About the prepaid debit cards

check onevanilla balance

Most of the people now a day’s use their debit cards for paying their electricity bills, to buy groceries items, for shopping and many more purpose. Likewise, one vanilla is a popular debit card which is used by the individual user for shopping. One vanilla debit card is found to be the best gift which you can present your beloved ones like partner, parents, friends and your siblings on their special occasion. Most interesting thing is that the balance of the one vanilla card will never get expired so you don’t need to worry about to check onevanilla balance of the card and enjoy the service of the card at any time. In which you can also use the one vanilla card anywhere such as shopping portal, in-store and on the departmental stores where this card is not an expensive one and you can carry it even with null pay fees.

check onevanilla balance

The prepaid debit card is very helpful one to each individual, in an attempt to go green and as well as to save money. Many of the employers have started to load their paychecks onto debit cards. When your dear one is residing in abroad then you can wish them on his/her special occasion just by sending one vanilla as a gift card for shopping on their own choice. When you use this card for shopping then you no need to pay zero amounts and with this card you also do not need to carry the cash amounts for shopping.

How to check the one vanilla card balance

With the one vanilla card it is not possible for you to check the balance of the card at a point of sale but however you may check onevanilla balance just by logging in to the respective company website. The best way to check onevanilla balance is updated in the following website http://checkonevanilla-balance.net just by visiting this site you need to enter your debit card number and check the balance of your card. When your service provider has not given you the service for checking your one vanilla card balance then you can just contact the customer care toll-free number where they will be helping out. The following are some of the steps which you need to follow for checking your one vanilla card balance. They are.

  • First visit to the online portal http://checkonevanilla-balance.net
  • After visiting this portal just sign-in to your account by providing your account details and submit the 16 digits one vanilla card number
  • Then enter your card expiry date and other required details on to the specified box
  • Enter the CVV number of your one vanilla card in your specified space
  • After filling all the details then finally you need to click the sign-in button

After following all the above details you will be able to check onevanilla balance and view all other transaction details. When you are unable to check your one vanilla balance on online site then just contact the one vanilla customer service and get to know about your balance.

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