A loan for an apartment: how to get a housing loan?


A flat loan is one of the decisions binding the client and the bank for many years. Not everyone who would like to use it will have the opportunity, and the rest should prepare for it. How to get a loan for an apartment? We suggest what to look after before visiting the bank. You can สมัครสินเชื่อส่วนบุคคลออนไลน์ also.


Even in times when it is easy to buy an apartment for a loan, not everyone will have the opportunity to finance the purchase of money borrowed from the bank. The borrower should be credible in the eyes of the bank, above all capable of repaying the obligation on a regular basis.

Creditworthiness and a loan for an apartment

The first and most important step to a loan for an apartment is creditworthiness, in other words – a safe enough financial situation of the borrower that will most likely allow him to repay the loan installments every month. Bank employees examine the creditworthiness of each person who applies for a mortgage loan. You can also calculate your creditworthiness before submitting a formal credit application – for example, using a calculator on the bank’s website or during a conversation with a credit advisor.

To determine the creditworthiness, a bank employee will ask us about:

  • Income– including the amount of the monthly net remuneration and the type of contract under which we receive a salary,
  • Expenses– including already repaid loans or credits, credit cards or personal account limits, as well as other fixed monthly expenses,
  • The size of the household – marital status or the number of people we have to maintain,
  • Planned loan – the amount we want to borrow from the bank, the period of credit, the amount of own contribution.

The amount of our monthly income is compared to the expenditure and the estimated loan installments that we want to apply for. On this basis, the bank estimates whether we will be able to pay the next installment for a new loan in the current life style.

How to get a loan for an apartment?

Knowing how the bank will analyze our creditworthiness, we can prepare for this analysis earlier. It is worth taking care of the history of stable payouts from the last few months. Banks value the employment contract for an indefinite period of time, but even then, you will need to show a salary or bank statement with a list of salary transfers from the last few months usually three months, but the bank has the freedom.

Persons who have an employment contract for an indefinite period or receive remuneration for a different title may require the bank to provide other or additional documents for example, PIT for the last year. In this respect, special requirements are set for self-employed people. Depending on the approach, one bank will give a mortgage for a flat to a person running his own business for a minimum of 12 months and another for two years. So if you’ve started a business for a short time, you’d better wait with applying for a loan until the minimum required internship has passed – then the procedure for applying for a loan for an apartment will be easier to pass.

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