What are two specific pests and their prevention method?

Pest Control Colchester

The bookworms are also such kind of pest which lies inside the books, covers, etc… Sometimes books are led to be attacked by silverfish, cockroaches, booklice, book mites, and as well the various types of beetles that may feed on the paper, covers, glue, and in bindings. They used to leave the physical damage behind in form of staining the faeces and as well the tiny holes made by the beetles. The book Pest Control Colchester may include the larder beetle, larvae of a drugstore beetle, black carpet beetle in which they may attack the leather bounded books. When compared to common clothes moth and as well brown house moth attacks the cloth bindings. Such kinds of attacks produce a larger problem with historical books because modern materials of bookbinding works are lesser susceptible to this type of pesticides. The shreds of evidence of an attack can find with the tiny piles produced in the book and the dust, specks of frass. This damage may get concentrated in the form of the spine, the edges which are projecting in pages, and as well in covers.

Pest Control Colchester

Prevention method from bookworms 

the attack of bookworms can be prevented by using some of the prevention techniques, they are the books should be placed in clean places, there should not be of dust, you should clean the places where you kept your books nearly twice or thrice a week. The books should be kept in cool places that is should be placed with low humidity and the places should be almost in dry conditions and the inspections should be made occasionally. Treatment for these bookworms might be long and difficult too but, in this case, too if you are not proper in any steps, this may lead the bookworms to lay eggs and they can also be used to survive for longer periods in lower temperature and ass well it’s resistant too.

Does pest control attract the bugs? 

The poisoned bait is not given for all types of bugs, the pesticides make the bugs more active after undergoing the treatment. This usually stirs up the bugs for few days, in which they seem that more bugs are comparing to before. But in reality, if the insects coming near pesticides, they get attracted to them, as they seem like in a higher population.


There are various kinds of beetles that prevailed in this land which we have discussed in previous articles. You can also refer to the previous articles for your knowledge. Bostrichoidea is one of the varieties of beetles. This is a superfamily attack in the dry season, seasoned wood that is used to make furniture and in houses the structural timbers are sed. Mostly these beetles would not visible to us, this will eat the interior wood and damages the strengthen of wood. If the beetles move out there will be the presence of a hole by which the person can come to know that the wood has been attacked by beetles. In household works the beetle may attack the leg of a chair.

Preventing method 

There is also a method of preventing of entering the beetles, is nothing but applying the chemical treatment in timber In furniture and manufacture of construction.

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