Precautions you must take after FUE Hair Transplant

If you have recently undergone hair transplant surgery, then you will have to take certain precautions to ensure your well-being and optimum results. In this article, we are going to discuss the aftercare procedures of the FUE hair transplant. These tips will help you in taking care of your skin as well as your new hair.


Although FUE is not a major surgical procedure, taking a few days off will be better for you. Your work profile and working environment is a significant factor though. Your comfort level will also depend on the physical effort required in your job. Discuss these factors with your doctor.


It is best not to play sports during the first month following the transplant. You will have to refrain from contact sports for up to 3 months. This is required to ensure that the hair grafts do not rub or get damaged in any way.


You must consult your medical professional before taking any medication. This holds especially true for the first two weeks after the surgery operation but may be followed until a year.


Of course, you will need to protect your head using headgear. But you will have to wear one with care. It should not rub or damage the hair grafts. Great precaution will have to be taken especially in the first month after the hair transplant. The ideal headgear will be one that doesn’t put any pressure on the donor area or the recipient area.


You will be able to get a haircut as you could with normal hair but it is wise to wait till the scalp has completely healed. Ideally, a month should be enough as the waiting period.


Doctors recommend sleeping with an inflatable collar cushion for the first week. It will help to keep your position on the back.

Washing the hair after a transplant

It is recommended to use lukewarm water for washing the head during the first week after a hair transplant. Refrain from applying pressure either with water or with your hands. It is the best to wash hair using subtle touches, minus scraping. Even the drying process should be carried out gently. You can revert to your normal shampooing schedule after a fortnight.

The implanted hair grafts usually fall out after 30 days. The hair follicles then enter a dormant stage thus you will see less growth after this phase. The skin will appear pinkish and return to its normal self after some weeks. You can look forward to new hair growth after 3 months.

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