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This is a point where there are disagreements in the group: some feel more used and betrayed and others care less. Some people have deleted answers given to these colleagues and do not answer any more from them, in fact, make a point of accessing the history of the question and if it was made by any of them, the person does not even read the answers, even if they were written by colleagues’ dear ones.

Others do not care that the question has been asked by someone who has omitted the information and thinks only of the content and usefulness. You need to know how to make money on quora partner program and that also within the perfection here.

That is, seeing one of the people in this group answering questions from other colleagues that you know are part of the Program does not mean that the questioner follows the same principles as ours.

how to make money on quora partner program

About Quora-PT

You may have already noticed that in Quora-PT there are more and more translated answers. When a Partner Program member translates an answer, he or she is considered the author of the question in the new language and will be rewarded for the visualizations as well as the questions he or she created. As far as we know, the authors of the original questions and answers get nothing for that. An answer that has had thousands of views in English may have the same success in Portuguese, bringing good gains to the translator who had the job of translating but not researching and elaborating good questions and answers. So we think it is fair to ask permission from the original author to translate a great answer, as well as to divide the gains as in item 6.

We value camaraderie and are opposed to predatory and exploratory behaviors. We seek to create questions about topics that interest us, and it is quite common for us to create the question and answer it. We created a WhatsApp group and exchanged suggestions between us about possible questions. We do not want to have the maximum financial gain, but each one to create questions that are related to their city, their values, their interests and experiences.

The Quora Q&A platform, which combines social networking features with quality content, can help you find a job, as well as improve your reputation, and even your business. Quora is a question and answer platform that anyone can participate in. Its differential is the fact that users themselves create the questions, answer, edit and organize all content.

Quora’s operating structure which even attracts figures like Obama allows its use for professional purposes as well. You can participate in order to leverage a career and look for solutions for companies, for example. If everything is there based on opinions, why trust the material? It is not safe to fully believe anything on the internet, but using Quora has advantages in this respect over other similar sites. Despite the growing number of users, it can still get quality content, even without topic restrictions.

There is moderation by Administrators.

Readers themselves can vote for or against a post, which serves as another filter. Anonymity only exists in specific interactions: users can post anonymous replies but must disclose their identity to vote, comment or report. It still adds to its credibility that many people use Quora to stand out or stand out from some institutions. Questions and answers appear in search engines. So, most participants post serious material and avoid exposing themselves negatively.

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